Ivyaiwei is up on the blogsphere since 2005. Started off the blogging journey at ivyaiwei.blogspot.com and then shifted to this site on yearend 2011.

Ivyaiwei is owned by an ordinary girl who is passionate in food and love experimenting on recipe, loves to play, love to laugh and love to travel. Hence this site features mostly on food and a little bit on travel. She loves her food very much and often carries a motto “live to eat” instead of eat to live. Sometimes you may find some home cook or recipe sharing up here but mainly desserts or easy snack. And sometimes you may also find her sharing up some beauty stuff but that’s a very rare case.

She will try to venture all the food around the world (if possible lar), be it fancy food or street food, she will try her very best to capture everything down and documents them up here. Oh yeahhh, she is a serious sweet tooth and fancy desserts a lot! If you have any dessert places, do suggest them to her!!!


And hi, I am Ivy, or you can call me Ai Wei, or Ivyaiwei in full 🙂

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Do u remember you baked a peach yogurt cake some time ago?
Do you still happen to keep the recipe?
Can share the recipe pls?
If you are busy to type out the whole thing, you can just type out the ingredients without the step

Hi Ivy, I am Angie from Elegant Jewellery Studio. I saw your post for That Latte Place and i am conducting jewellery making workshop at Yayasan Seni on Sunday . Wondering whether you review and jewellery making workshop?? Do update me ya.

I call many day alr but nobody answer…I wanna make appointment on tues but I’m using groupon can….?pls call me back thank 0123222820

Any special for the birthday month?

hi, I am not too sure which are you referring to. It’s better for you to call up the restaurant yourself. 🙂

How you travel from BKK airport to Khao Yai and how to travel around places at Khao Yai?

Hi, we hired the van + driver to take us from BKK to Khao Yai and then also touring around Khao Yai

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