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Located in the happening hang out place – Publika, Solaris Dutamas is this Australian-inspired café – Red Bean Bag. The café is decorated into a great breakfast/ brunch place; bringing in all the natural light through the tall glass window; simple divine brunch place where one could enjoy a cuppa of caffeinated beverage and their breakfast set with friends/ family. Love reading their menu; made with recycled cardboard and printed on it were all the quirky names.



Egg Benedict (RM 15.90)
Poached eggs with hollandaise, asparagus, mushrooms and streaky beef bacon. Ahha! I love dipping the bread into the runny egg yolk!


RBB Signature Breakfast (RM 19.90)
Comes with poached, fried or scrambled eggs (your choice) on toasts, sautéed mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, beef/ chicken sausages, beef bacon, baked beans and hash brown.


Quite a decent plate; however, the scrambled eggs were a bit chewy rubbery. Not the fluffy type that we love.


RBB’s Specialty Baked Eggs (RM 17.90)
Eggs cracked into a baking dish of lamb bratswurst, sundried tomatoes, potatoes and cheese, baked to perfection and served with crusty bread.


Pretty good plate for the breakfast as it consists all nutrients for the day in a plate.


Classic French Toast (RM 13.90)
My favourite in RBB! It is coated with almonds, served with seasonal fruits and maple syrup. Love the soft and fluffy toast and it gave a crunchy outer layer due to the almonds bits. Just that, the price to pay for a piece of toast doesn’t come cheap.


Don Scallopino (RM 24.90)
Seaweed risotto served with seared scallops and seaweed. Hmm, not my kind of risotto as it was kinda tasteless.


My Crustacean Cousin (RM 27.90)
Tiger prawns and mixed seafood such as scallops and clams and served with freshly pressed pasta. Not bad; but it must be eaten when it is still warm.



Shroom Shroom (entree RM19.90/main RM 24.90)
A creamy mix of mushroom and beef bacon bits on a bed of creamy fettucini.





A pretty nice brunch place, I would say. However, if you want me to make comparison, I would prefer to go Antipodean Café for their breakfast and coffee. But then, I would love revisiting here for their Classic French Toast and Specialty Baked Eggs. 



red bean bag

and the celebration,
Love you guys ♥
She can make really good cheese cake! Thanks Dear.

Lot A4-1-8, Solaris Dutamas
(opposite Publika’s open space/Ben’s)
Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-6211 5116
Tue – Fri: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Sat – Sun: 9:30 am – 6:00 pm
Pre-booked dinners for functions available.

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Comments (17)

wow…so many choices for breakfast…would like to try it out 😛

love their toast the most! but the price is slightly steeper >.<

I also went here for lunch today.

haha, izzit?! what you had??? how do u find it?
with babies along??? :]


a place I wanna go back 🙂

haha, yes for the toast!

I like the simple decor of this place and it seems as though they continue to expand their menu. Worth returning to.

agree with you. love their decor and huge glass window. i would love sitting by the window for one whole morning / afternoon

I went the other day and I saw kampungboy & citygal! I think you were there too! Maybe this was the day I went. But too bad really, i couln’t get a table, all occupied! 🙁 I went to Plan B instead.

Oh look at that french toast, so tempting! Ugggh, I want to eat there!

ohh? really? did you say Hi to them???
I was not there… i think it was a second session for them; they revisited 🙂
no worry, sure can get a table next round.
do try out their toast on ur visit

Such pretty cups of coffee! Thanks for putting up a review – am always on the lookout for weekend brunch spots and this looks like it’s worth a visit.

for brunch or tea. never forget to order a cup of coffee and enjoy ur time over here. and… the Toast!

I went today and the service was absolutely terrible and I would never go again. 3 of us went and my daughters breakfast came first eggs undercooked, so she never really eat it, 10 mins went past and my friends came that was ok another 10 mins went past and mine still hadn’t arrived so I asked when mine would come and they told me I hadn’t ordered anything despite the girl reading back our order. What got me the most was the managers attitude so rude, mistakes can be forgiven but attitude like that can’t I dont like at all….

sad to heard bout ur incidence. i do hope they will improve or at least not treating their customers rudely. >.<

Food not sure how good it is yet. But the owner need to improve on their organization:
1) not enough staff working on the floor and kitchen – the food comes out very slow, it takes more than 10 min to sit someone after the table is cleaned – r u kidding me?????
2) the benches on the side with raised table – can be used to sit ppl at least 4 ppl – instead used as casual waiting

Unbelievable how disorganized this is…. 🙁

hi Kian,
guess the red bean bag team will get this if they view this page.

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