Baaji’s; for the sugar high Monday

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Wanting to try the Middle Eastern desserts and sweets but the sugary sweet idea set you back?! Fret not, as there is these desserts that are made in a healthier version and not-overly-sugary-sweet!



Healthy product for the Healthy Minded


About Baaji’s

  • In 1991 Lemar International was recognized and widely accepted as a major importer and supplier of a wide range of Dates, and dry fruits such as raisins, apricots, Pistachios, honey, date syrup, date vinegar etc. Lemar buyers are always visiting the Middle East, Africa and Europe for the best products, available.
  • With all these in house, they then ventured into producing under a sister company called Eastern Delight, a complete line of Middle Eastern Pastries, including Date Delight, Chocolate dates, Date cookies and Baklava, using our premium ingredients including Dates, Apricots, Pistachios, Cashew Nuts, Almonds, and honey.
  • Being one of the pioneers in the import of dry fruits, it has enabled Eastern Delight to successfully garner the best sources from around the globe for the finest qualities.
  • All the products are produced in house, under very strict hygienic procedures by our chef, who was brought down from the Middle East.
  • All their products also have the Halal seal from Jakim.
  • Over the years, they have developed and designed an array of very appropriate gift boxes, and display media, both domestically and imported, to full fill the needs of the public.


Baaji’s has expanded their very first retail outlet in 1 Mon’t Kiara; offering pastries and delicacies that are made with finest ingredients such as honey, almonds, pistachios, cashew nuts, walnuts, apricots, and dates.


Pack with pretty gift boxes; a perfect idea as gift




My Favourites!


Chocolate too!


The pastries are all natural and healthy. Instead of using sugar or syrup, they substitute it with honey. Ahhh, yes… I do love Baaji’s creations. The sweetness from their pastries is naturally sweet. You would crave for another one after the first. And according to EatOnlyLar, the Middle Eastern desserts are 10 times cloyingly sweet than Baaji’s. Well, I don’t think I could stand that extreme one while Baaji’s version suits my tastebuds most.


Nougat from Italy; Nougat from Turkey; Pistachio Honey Sweet

Baaji’s products are locally manufactured by experienced chefs and some are also imported from Europe and the Middle East. There is a selection from Turkey as well!





Besides that, they do offer other products such as dates, dates vinegar, Nuts and honey too!



Thanks to Baaji’s for the warm invitation
For more information, kindly visit their webpage and also Facebook page.

1 Mon’t Kiara Mall,
Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603 6211 0403

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