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“For 40 years, we create the best moments in life”

That’s the slogan attached on one of the posters.

Yep, established since year 1969, May King has been here for more than 40 years; serving their specialty lam mee (the Lam Mee King) that filled with lots of condiments such as chicken shreds, prawns, minced meat, nga choi (bean sprouts) and chinese cabbage; drenched with thick flavourful gravy/broth and finally garnished with chops of spring onions.


The additional of Chinese cabbage gave a hint of refreshing sweetness to the broth. I am happy to find that their lam mee is still up to the standard and paid another few visits here. This huge portion is priced at RM 6.


Besides the thick dark broth-y lam mee, May King serves quite good Ipoh Hor Fun too, and they named it as Yummy Hor Fun (RM 6). Smooth strands of kuey teow noodles in the bowl of richly-flavoured soup and the touch of prawn oil gave the extra ohmmp. Just a small bit of complain, there wasn’t much liew (or ingredients) in this.


Therefore, we had the add-on – 3 in 1 QQ Meat Ball (RM 1.10 each) which is made from fresh mackerel, pork and squid. The bits of squids gave the extra kick to the meat ball. A little pricey bit it worth trying.


All goes great with the fiery hot chili.

May King Restaurant
38, Jalan Yew,
Off Jalan Pudu,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-9222 3740

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Comments (9)

Been frequenting them since my schooldays…prices increased a lot aredi…hehe…

I tot they have a branch in Yulek also? 🙂

yea wor, price has gone up! >.< they have branch in seri kembangan the one in yulek not by them

The best lam mee in KL. I haven’t been there for years but I still remember the younger years where my parents used to bring me there. It’s always worth a trip to there!

Good Stuff!

Fried Hokkien Mee!!!

errr, fried Hokkien Mee???
izzit comment on the wrong site or anything? this one is lam mee wor

Never a fan of Lam Mee 😛

oh I havent found a good one in years… now I know where to go…

are they open for lunch or dinner? :0)

I’m actually also not quite a big fan of lam mee, but maybe that’s because I haven’t found a nice one. Will keep this place in mind!

Haven’t try them before but would love to. What are their business hours?

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