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Hakko Labo Pop Up is happening until this weekend (26 March 2023)! Catch Jean in action here with her new baby, the special amakaze infused beverages in Mikaa Café, a very special collaboration.

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So, what is Amazake 甘酒?
Amazake is a traditional Japanese drink made of fermented rice. It is literally known as sweet (甘) sake (酒). It is a very special drink with thick consistency and naturally sweet in flavour; can be served hot or cold.

You may think sweet sake is an alcoholic beverage, but well, there are actually two types of Amazake. The alcoholic amazake is made with sake lees, while the non-alcoholic one is made with rice koji. Hakko Labo’s version is the latter one, non-alcoholic type so that children can enjoy them too.

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The making process is pretty tedious. It is made by steaming and mashing the cooked white rice, adding in koji (a type of mold) and water and left for its fermentation process, at a specific environment condition. The end product can be drink at its own or made into beautiful beverages like how Mikaa Café does.

Amazake is very healthy and packed with nutrients; contains great amounts of vitamins B, amino acids and minerals. It aid digestion and also good in boosting immune system, anti-aging and improve skin condition.

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These beverages in Mikaa Café don’t just looks good; they taste really good too! Jean also shared with us that she will bring in more amazake creations this coming summer! I just cannot wait!

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Starry Night (Rm 18.9)
Sparkling black coffee with Amazake
It gave a fizzy sensation on the palate and dosed with the chewy plump textured rice (or amazake). By giving it a balance stir, the coffee is naturally sweeten by the amazake. I really like it!

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Amazake White (Rm 19.9)
Café latte with Amazake

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Amazake Kuro (Rm 17.9)
Roasted Oolong Tea with Amazake

Don’t forget to order some bites to go along with the drinks because Mikaa Café serves great stuff too!

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Signature Percik Mayo Rice Bowl (Rm 22.9)
Lightly battered chicken is deep fried into perfection, drizzled with percik mayo and served with pickled vegetable and gyoza. That gyoza was really something! It was hot but addictive, juicy and plump.

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Spicy Pepper Prawn Croissant (Rm 19.9)
A delicious savoury dish with prawns and egg are spiced and sandwiched in between the flaky and buttery croissant.

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Yam Mochi (Rm 15.9)
One of the bestsellers in Mikaa Café, appeared in sweet purple, layered with yam mochi and sponge layers, soft and delicate. It pairs well with the amazake beverages too!

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Mikaa Café
No 2A, Jalan Hujan Emas 4,
Taman Overseas Union,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.
Opens from 9am to 5pm
Closed on Thursdays

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