Lisette’s Café & Bakery @ 163 Retail Park

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Lisette’s Café & Bakery

Lisette’s Café & Bakery opens up their latest outlet in 163 Retail Park, bringing up a new scene in this space! Opens as early as 8 in the morning, it serves a best place to wake yourself up with a cuppa of fresh brewed coffee to pair with a beautiful brunch and ended with some delectable baked goods from savouries to sweets.

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This space is beautifully decorated. Wooden flooring and a small part is filled with Moroccan style tiles, furnished with wooden tables and vintage chairs, and paired with lovely little flowers on every table and green potted plants at every little corner. Very instagrammable.

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This inviting counter is always filled with freshly baked goods, pretty tempting. It makes one really feel like ordering everything.

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Not sure what are these but they are looking cute!

Be sure to make your reservation online, or you may have to queue a while for your table.

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A Thurs-date with my bff, we started off with our usual dose of Flat White (Rm 12)!

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Eggs Benedict with Streaky Beef Bacon (Rm 35)
Great brunch plate that came with 2 poached eggs on brioche and hollandaise sauce, with spinach and mushroom and also Streaky Beef Bacons. Good for sharing so that you can try out other dishes.

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Hot Apple Crumble (Rm 22)
Buttery fluffy good apple crumble with huge chunks of apples, served along with a scoop of vanilla gelato. We were satisfied.

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Lisette’s Café & Bakery
Kiara 163 Retail Park
8, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Opens daily from 8am to 10pm

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