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I have found the prefect Japanese Cake Roll, layered with surprise and wowed my heart – The C3 Roll (Japanese Cake Roll) from C3 Lab.

C3 Lab is co-founded by a few world-class young talented and passionate pastry chefs – Chef Chong (Breadpitt), Chef Lawrence Bobo and Chef May Ling. Their works are ultimately elegant and innovative.

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Just recently, they have launched this C3 Roll. It took me a few days to “consider”, thinking if to splurge on it. Priced at Rm 60 per roll, it has got to be the most expensive Japanese Cake Roll I have ever paid for; but I have to say, it is really worth spending for it. It too, reminded me of a taste of Japan!

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The C3 Roll reached perfectly in hand, coated in shinning golden brown, inked with the chef’s nickname and rolled in with bright pastel yellow extra fine sponge layer and creams. The roll was very fine, fluffy and delicate on the palate, perfectly coupled with the soft hint of sweet fresh cream and vanilla bean pastry cream that ended with a very mild soft hint of saltiness. Very finely made, very extraordinary.

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Reorder again? Yes I will but not soon, till my pocket plumper or when I am craving for it. Do check out their IG account and PM them if you fancy to order one.

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