Yamatatsu 山達小舖 @ KongsiKL

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Yamatatsu 山達小舖

Located inside KongsiKL at Jalan Klang Lama; a very special pop up stall featuring the cosy home-style recipe, offering a series of mouth-watering Japanese Taiwanese dishes. It appears only on every Saturday, from 6pm onwards until late or until their food sold out. So, always check out their FB for updates

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I was there with the gang at 7 in the evening, and found ourselves on the queue for table even though we made reservation prior to our visit. It was pretty crowded that evening and some of the dishes had sold out! That was around 7.30-ish… Well, we were still lucky to grab a few must have before anyone else.

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Also, once a while you will be able to find other pop up stall crossover with Yamatatsu. We were lucky to have Omeor Grill炭烤坊 on that evening, offering the grilled lamb and grilled pork that are made out from home recipe.

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Braised Pork Rice (Rm 6.9)
Loaded with flavourful braised pork, garnished with chopped spring onion, pickled cucumber and Japanese soft boiled egg. Yamatatsu’s braised pork is more towards TaiChung flavour and I really like that the soft boiled egg, with slightly runny and custard-like egg yolk. Very very flavourful.

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Shredded Chicken Rice (Rm 6.9)
With shredded chicken on a bed of fragrant rice, garnished with fried shallot and chopped spring onion, Japanese soft boiled egg. Very homey flavour.

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Curry Udon (Rm 6.9)
This was slightly too spicy to my liking. But overall it was ok.

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Dry Udon (Rm 6.9)

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Japanese Chicken Burger (Rm 5.5)

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Oden (Rm 8.5)

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Witchy Wine (Rm 12)
Chilling pickled tomato with a touch of ume. Simply salty and sourish, cooling and refreshing!

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25, Jalan Kangkong,
Taman Goodwood,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.
Opens on every Saturday, 6pm onwards (always check out their FB for opening hours).

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