TAIPEI: Shida Night Market & A bit of XiMenDing

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Fly… fly me to the moon…
Opsss not, fly me to Taiwan will do!

Check it here for the full itinerary of the Taiwan Trip 2013: 6D5N Taipei & Jiufen


Before starting with the food-ful trip, I made my visit to Taiwan Tourism Bureau KL Office
Sometimes they offered free MRT card, sometimes free theme park ticket. What I got were the 2013 Taiwan Gift Coupon (to be redeemed at the Taiwan airports before departure) and bus tickets from Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei City area.

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At arrival, we followed the instruction in headed down a level to claim our bus ticket. At this point, we saved up NT 125 per pax.


We took the Kuo-Kuang Coach to Taipei Main Station. Since we were staying in XiMenDing area, we stopped by at the final stop which is Taipei West Bus Station Terminal A. From there, we got the free shuttle bus to XiMenDing too! Another few bucks saved, I guess.




XiMenDing 西门町 …

food court

Soon after we took our quick tea/dinner, we walked around the XiMenDing area.



This old school popiah 花生卷冰淇淋 (NT$ 40 ) It is interesting. A piece of popiah skin 润饼皮 was laid with shredded maltose peanut, two scoops of yam ice cream and touched with coriander. Wrap up and serve. Interesting flavours especially when u get a bite of coriander to go with the icy yam and fragrant maltose peanut.


peanut ice cream popiah


The same stall, selling quail eggs too.


The old peoples love trying. And seeing these fat white bitter gourds, they just can’t wait to try the juice (NT$ 80 for large), added with honey. Since this was the first stall, we thought it’s really good. But there is actually better one we had later on. This was quite diluted in my opinion. 





猪肉佬 (located just next to the bitter gourd juice stall) Is great too! His bakwa 黑猪肉干 is as thin as paper and it is super crispy. Perfect idea for souvenir. We thought of getting it on the last day before leaving but ended up we didn’t have any cash left for it.


Time for the night market tour. We took the MRT to Shida Night Market 師大路夜市 and randomly walked into few streets. As this night market is quite near to National Taiwan Normal University, you will see a younger crowd around here. Goods sold are pretty affordable and of course young and chic too! Do prepare more cash when you are planning to come here.


We randomly walked into the small alleys which then saw a long queue in front of the stall.

Hah! Salted chicken 極品鹽水雞


It took us half an hour on the queue and finally we got our order: the half chicken (NT$ 100) and mixture of 3 side dishes (NT$ 50). Comes with chicken, shredded ginger, spring onions, chilies and our choice of side dishes such as bean curd, cucumber and tossed in the special sauce. It just costs us NT$ 150 for a huge bag to share. I really fancy this.

salted chicken

Shida Night Market 師大路夜市
To get here:
Take MRT (Green Line) to Taipower Building 台電大樓 and take the Exit 3. Turn right and follow the crowd along the way to Shida Road.

極品鹽水雞(deboned salted chicken)
Located opposite 7-11

char cook

And we ended our night with this very disappointing no-good-meal at some a zhu char stall.


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