Taiwan Trip Day 2: Yin Yang Sea 阴阳海, Golden Waterfall 黄金瀑布 & Windsor B&B 温莎堡日光涵馆

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Check out the full itinerary of the Taiwan Trip 2013: 6D5N Taipei & Jiufen here

After a wholesome breakfast, we then made our way to Jiufen. Remember to pack as light as possible if you are planning to overnight there. It might take you sometimes to head up the hill/staircase with ur stuff to look for your B&B.

To get to Jiufen, you could take bus or train. We chose the first one and take the MRT (blue line) to Zhongxiao Fuxing Station 忠孝復興捷運站 which was where the old people spotted the Lao Cai Shui Jian Bao 老蔡水煎包. To take the bus to Jiufen, walk along the road and make a left turn, walk further a lil bit and you will come to a TASTy 西堤牛排, the bus station is located right in front of this restaurant. Follow the queue and take the Keelung Bus Company 基隆客运 1062 to Jiufen.

Sometimes, you may see some private drivers offer the ride up Jiufen here at the bus stop. This was what we took actually because we did not want to waste our time at the queue. The driver charged at NT$ 200 per pax and additional of NT$ 50 per pax for the pit stop we made as below.

1# The abandoned ore refinery – Thirteen Level Smelter or also known as Remains of Thirteen Level 金瓜石十三層煉銅廠




Built in Japanese Colonial Era for refining gold and copper ore as well as screening and selecting processes for high quality ore. Housed one of the world’s largest concrete pipeline ventilation systems which carried the toxic gases away to the hills where there were no residents around. This refinery was left abandoned when the Taiwan Metal Mining Company closed down.


The driven took photos for the other tourists in the middle of the road.

2# The two-tone bay – Yin-Yang Sea 陰陽海



The colour of the sea water is presented in two tones. This is due to the high content of Ferric ions that colour the blue water in orangey-brown.


The scenes along the shorelines are never the same every season. Due to the weather, the area for the orangey brown colour of the water wasn’t really huge but the water was really obvious in two tones.



3# The Gorilla Mountain


4# The Golden Waterfall 黄金瀑布


Located near the Gold Ecology Park 黃金博物園區 in Jinguashi; named after the golden appearance of the combination of the heavy metal elements that deposit in waterfall.


5# Further up the hill


Moving further up the hill to witness the Yin Yang Sea from above.


Up the windy road.



Too bad, the weather was foggy and we weren’t able to capture a good scenic moment.


But I love the cool cozy weather like this. Yay!

If you have some spare time, do make a visit to Jinguashi to learn more about the gold and copper mining.

We then checked in into Winsor B&B 温莎堡日光涵馆 before the real explore of Jiufen Old Street and more makan.


The main lobby and also the breakfast place.


We chose to stay in the Room 6 (NT $ 5,700 for 5 people) which can house 4 – 6 people in a room, facing the beautiful view of Jiufen. The room was decorated in a vintage way but try not to leave any food on the table as it may attract some friendly ants over.




Day 2 jiufen

Coming up next, Jiufen Old Street…

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