The 19th Suzuki Hanten @ Lorong Yap Kwan Seng, KL

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The 19th Suzuki Hanten

The 19th Suzuki Hanten is a newly opened 2-month-old Chinese restaurant headed by Chef Shotaro Takemura who started his career in Shisen Hanten in Tokyo (a famous SiChuan Restaurant in Japan); specializing in Sichuan style Chinese Cuisine.

It is located right in one of the bungalow houses at Lorong Yap Kwan Seng. You may find the logo quite similar to the The 19th Suzuki Shoten and yep, they are under one umbrella. The 19th Suzuki Shoten is rice and sake retailer while this, The 19th Suzuki Hanten is a restaurant.

This is truly a hidden gem which I stumbled upon a chef’s IG and my friend told me about this place the next minute. And so the next week, I was here with my family members!

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The interior is decorated prettily in a vintage-y way, walled-up with vintage posters and antiqued looking lanterns/ lamps and classic decorative. On the ground floor, there is a mini bar and also terrace area for those who love sitting outdoor. On the upper floor, there are a lounge area and vip rooms that can fit about 8 to 12 pax. There is also a “Wagyu Room” for their upcoming new project which is happening soon in August (I am looking forwards it!!!).

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The Lunch Set is priced at Rm 31 per set. The meal set comes with a main dish and served with rice, pickles, soup, salad and tea or your choice of soft drink; while the noodle and rice set comes with pickles, soup, salad and a drink. Complete your set with dim sum and dessert add-on at RM 16.

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Spicy Mapo Tofu 陳麻婆豆腐
This dish wowed our heart. It was incredibly flavourful, aromatic with the spices, and dosed with a balance of “heat” spiciness and also “numbing” spiciness. This is definitely my kind of thing as it was spicy but bearable and it was numbing but not too overwhelming. It perfectly goes well with a huge bowl of rice or more, pretty addictive!

If you can’t take spicy, you may opt for little spicy 小辛; or if you are a big fan of spicy, do have the very spicy version 大辛.

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Stir-fried wagyu beef with green pepper 和牛とピーマンの細切り炒め
Another must-order, filled with real wok hei and the wagyu beef was juicy and tender.

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Tan Tan Noodle (dry version) 本場汁なし担々麺
We often come across soup based version but this was our first time having the dry version. A new try to all of us. The noodles were springy and dosed with lots of flavourful bits and garnished with chopped spring onions. Each mouthful of the noodles was packed with distinctive fragrant peanut sauce. Gonna give a try for the soup version next time.

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Our choice of drinks

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Soup of the day comes along with the set

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Dumplings 三色焼売

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Cold Almond Pudding 杏仁豆腐セット

As 19th Suzuki Hanten is housed in a bungalow house, it gave me a kind of private dining feel, as though I was dining in someone’s house. It was quite an experience. Must have their Mapo Tofu, I would say this is the best Mapo Tofu I come across; it was very different from the usual Chinese restaurant or SzeChuan Restaurant. Be prepared everyone will fight over this dish! LOL.

Oh ya, you fancy a drink, do check out their cocktail selections which are interestingly infused with Japanese sake or Chinese wine like Shao Qing.

The 19th Suzuki Hanten
20, Lorong Yap Kwan Seng,
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2161 6699
Opening hours:
Sun to Thurs: (Lunch) 12pm to 3pm; (Dinner) 6pm to 11pm
Fri & Sat: (Lunch) 12pm to 3pm; (Dinner) 6pm to 12am

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