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This is also another great place that has been lying in my archive for the longest time. Whenever WenChing is back to KL, we will definitely make a visit over as we love how the homey Japanese food is served over here.



Lead by Chef Komoto-san who is from Yamaguchi Prefecture, Yoshinari highlights on preparing dishes in the simplest way, flavour the dishes with the natural flavours of the freshest ingredients. We love how the chef’s idea in cooking. Komoto-san will pick up what’s fresh from the market, be it local produces or imported ingredients. He will then transform them into mouth-watering dishes that are really warmth and comforting.

Visited this Japanese restaurant for a few times (last year) and we have only tried out their Yoshinari Standard Course so far, that is priced at Rm 155+ per pax, comes with 8 courses which include appetisers, soup, sashimi, grilled dish, noodle dish, fried stuff and hotpot rice as an ending to the course. Below were what we had in last May, I will do more photos than talking as I already can’t quite remember what’s happening around.


And first, sake! *Our priority. LOL*


I always love Japanese restaurants that allow us to pick sake cup on our own!




先付け: 色々野菜のゼリー寄せ カニあんかけ
Appetiser: Jellied Vegetables and Crab Soup
First dish and it was already this fancy!




前菜: 鶏肝利久煮 , 真鯛煮凝り, オクラ黄身酢 , 瓢亭玉子 , トマト甘酢漬け
Appetiser sets




お椀: 小鯛の潮仕立て
Soup: Red Snapper and soup


お造り: 三種盛り
There is something special over here, I am not spilling out what is that. Let you yourself experience it. We got it every time we dined in here.




焼物: カンポン地鶏とどんこ椎茸の奉書焼き
Grilled dish: Japanese Style Paper Chicken
Made with kampong chicken, it was very tender and the soup itself filled with full-flavoured chicken essence.


凌ぎ: 茄子そーめん
Arai Signature Noodle
Noodle made with eggplant, served in cold soup is always our favourite! Komoto-san even explained to us how he made the eggplant noodles; it is a very skilful dish where the eggplant is thinly sliced before chopping them into thin and fine noodle-liked.




揚げ物: 小海老のさつま揚げ
Fried stuff: Home made prawn cake, served in dashi stock


Hotpot Rice
And the chef made us onigiri with the balance of this hotpot rice. It was very flavourful and I truly hope I can have this every day.


Besides course meal, Yoshinari has some standard lunch or dinner set such as karaage set, saba set, hamburger set, katsuni set, butashorga yaki set and many more at very affordable price. Check it out here if you love something stomach-comforting and homey!

Shibusan Yoshinari Tokyo Shibuya
A.0.11, Plaza Damas 3, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
Sri Hartamas, Desa Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6211 1051
Opening hours:
Lunch: 12pm – 3pm
Dinner: 6pm – 11pm

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