Weekend Brunch @ GRAZE, Hilton KL

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GRAZE at Hilton KL has a new brunch menu!

This is happier than anything else because brunch in GRAZE is so much affordable and pocket friendly than any other hipster café.

Weekend Brunch at GRAZE


With the use of top notch ingredients, done in the perfect way and plated them prettily; brunch plates in GRAZE do not just wow your heart with above criteria. Also, they are priced very affordable that won’t break your bank. The price is already NETT which includes both GST and service charge. And it is free parking for all dine-in-brunch customers!


GRAZE changes their brunch menu every few months. This round there are new and exciting faces which are very palatable and captured my heart. Do not miss out the spectacular desserts at the end of the meal. Read on and you will understand why.


Brunch without Booze is nothing but a sad late breakfast
So agree with this! And who says you can only have booze during dinner. Booze at brunch time will generally make your week much more ohmp!
From wine to sparkling and from cocktails to mocktail. You will be delighted with the choices given.


Strawberry Fizz (Rm 30)
Vodka, Lemon juice, Strawberries, Basil Leaves


Cheer-rie (Rm 30)
Pedro Ximenez, Gin, Maraschino Cherry,



Great selections of pastries to start of your brunch. Love that glossy fresh baked-s that served this way. Price at Rm 9 each. A flaky, buttery pastry will never go wrong to start up the brunch engine.




Homemade Fruit Flavoured Yogurt (Rm 20)
With a choice of mixed berries, mango, or passion fruits.


Caprese Salad, Tomatoes and Mozzarella, Fresh Basil, Aged Balsamic (Rm 30)
A refreshing start to the brunch. Tomatoes and Cheese, with a touch of sweet balsamic; very simple yet delicious.


Sautéed Tiger Prawns, two onsen style poached eggs in glass, extra virgin olive oil, mixed cress, multigrain bread stick (Rm 30)
Here comes the egg-citing egg porn moment. A poke into the egg yolk, a swirl with the fork, soak up that gooey madness with the help of bread stick serving at the side. So satisfying!



Ratatouille, fresh basil, single poached egg, parmesan on sourdough toast (Rm 20)
Simply love this hearty plate, dosed with chunks of vegetables such as eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini; the egg and parmesan cheese did an amazing twist to it. Everything blended well on a piece of crispy toast. I called this dose of happiness.


Chicken schnitzel, warm potato salad, lemon (Rm 40)


Pan Fried Salmon and Snapper Fish Cake, Tartar Sauce (Rm 40)
Plated so pretty and looking so fine dine!



Grilled Black Angus fillet mignon 100g, sunny side up fried egg (Rm 68)
Probably the most expensive dish in the menu, you should really have it if you were a fan of steak. It was juicy and tender. Made right at medium with the core painted in pinkish hue.



Grilled Black Angus Sirloin Steak 120g, Bearnaise Sauce (Rm 58)
Another piece of meat that made so right. Love that smoky roasted garlic. Simply addictive to go with the meat and we wished there were more!



The sweet page is so much prettier and instagrammable as compared to my first visit! They really wow-ed my heart.
Decadent Valrhona Chocolate Souffle (Rm 30)
The soufflé was airy and fluffy; bloomed up perfectly and rose up high and able to stand still for minutes. Richly flavoured with Valrhona chocolate and touched with edible gold leaf. Super delicious and I definitely will return for this!




Hot pancakes, pear and berry compote, ice cream (rm 25)
Ahh, fluffiest pancake ever! Dressed with the sweet and sourish pear and berry compote and went with the chilled ice cream. Fluffy soft, creamy rich and the tangy flavour, all very well compatible.



French Toast, seasonal fruits, maple syrup, crème anglaise (Rm 25)
One of the most instagrammable dishes and the pastry chef did put in lot of efforts in working this by arranging the tiny cuts of fruits on the toast. Crispy outer layer with rich egg flavour on the inside. You will never say no to this beautiful dish.



Wait no more and make your way to GRAZE this weekend and feast like a king!

GRAZE Restaurant
Hilton KL Hotel
Level 5, Mezzanine Floor,
3, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Brunch is available during weekends from 9am to 3.30pm

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