Tonkatsu Anzu あんず @ 4F The Table, ISETAN The Japan Store KL

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ISETAN the Japan Store 4F The Table is the place that gather all 5 (and maybe 6, later) top-notch Japanese restaurants. My first experience with Sushi Azabu was an amazing one. Here goes my next, and of course, I do wish I manage to cover all others at this floor provided if my wallet is still plump. However, there are not all priced at sky high over here. There are actually something that is wallet friendly at this floor.

Tonkatsu Anzu あんず


Features a 40-seats dining area, offering the tonkatsu dining experience to the patrons by serving Japanese deep fried pork cutlet with the use of imported black pork, and then mature with their original technique. There are 3 types of Gin-Jo Pork Set on Limited [Anzu Select] Katsu Set; but we went down two of them and one seafood set during the night we celebrated Summerkid’s birthday. If you are wondering what’s Gin-Jo means, it means the pork is chosen from Chief Chef himself.





Gin-Jo-Pork Fatty Loin Katsu Set (Rm 55)
I had high expectation on this as it is described as “Melt on your tongue”. Somehow, it didn’t carry the texture I imagined. It was dry on the tongue and the jaw had to put in some efforts in the chewing job, pretty tender though. Good thing as there was no drop of grease on their tonkatsu, which is something I heart. Perhaps this is the huge difference as compared to the Ma Maison and Tonkatsu by Wa Kitchen.



Gin-Jo-Pork Fillet Katsu (Rm 55)
It was juicier than the earlier one, definitely. Covered with a light batter, deep fried into perfect golden colour while keeping the center with a lil pinkish hue and left no grease on it. I do believe we Malaysians prefer the juicy succulent texture when it comes to Tonkatsu, so opt for this one which is something with juice of meat encased within eat protein strand.



Fried Shrimp and Pork Loin Set (Rm 50)




Like the usual tonkatsu restaurant, each set comes with shredded cabbage, soup and rice of your choice. Love it when there are unlimited refills of shredded cabbage with drizzle of dressings. There are also the Japanese pickles that served on the table, to cleanse your palate before sinking your teeth into the pork cutlet. Remember to dip the pork cutlet into the self-grinded sesame seeds and dosed with their homemade tonkatsu sauce for extra ohmp. Else, you can savour the pork cutlet with mustard and salt.







Soju on the rock (Rm 20) and Chilled Sake (RM 31) to complete our tonkatsu experience.




Tonkatsu Anzu
The Table, Level 4
ISETAN The Japan Store KL
Lot 10 Shopping Mall
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2119 2625

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