MAD About Coco @ Solaris Dutamas, KL

  • Sumo


I am mad about her,
She is mad about Coco,
What about you???

Yeahhh, everyone is mad crazy about coco now.



MAD About Coco

A funky dessert place that is dressed up in a playful scene; black and white tiles, decorated with vintage typewriter and boxed TV, and also the wall is coloured with sweet pastel tones and plastered with their signature motif – the man in hippie curly bomb hair and playful shades. You may also play around with the props (wigs, shades and ribbons) available, to selfie or wefie. Yes, a premise set up pleasantly for photos taking, snap as many as you wish.


It was a normal weekday night but there were still patrons flowing in the dessert house, ordering their sinful signature desserts, owned or shared. I guess, the Coco fever is still on. Since it was just the two of us after the dinner at Mono Sushi, we couldn’t feed our tummies more and had only a drink and a dessert.




Hot Milk Chocolate (Valrhora version)
The comfort drink that served in a soup bowl was rich, chocolaty and dusted with cocoa powder in their signature motif. Top up a few bucks for the marshmallows if you fancy them in your hot chocolate.


Innocent Tiramisu Devil Ball (Rm 20)
How innocent can this be?! A sinful dessert with tiramisu encased in the chocolate and white Belgian white and dark chocolate sphere shell. Drizzled the warm melted chocolate sauce over the sphere choco shell and voila, it melted off the shell and created the messy, gooey and chocolaty tiramisu dessert. I must say it was pretty cloying to have it all by your own. So, don’t be greedy and dessert like this is meant to be shared among your friends.





We love our disruption. Mmm, yummy!

mad about coco

Thanks to bff for the birthday treat. But in return, these were what the bff made me to do!!! *face palm* image all gone!

MAF About Coco
A1-1-9, Publika Mont Kiara,
1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
Solaris Dutamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
03-2035 5818
(Located right about Mee Jawa, outside Publika)

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