Yen’s Tea Party Bridal Shower @ Le Moon, Jade Hill

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Throw confetti!!!

Yay! 成功 ♥

Two years ago we threw her a bridal shower and last year, it was a special project for her.
So this year, my third time getting involved in planning and organizing bridal shower. It was always the fun and happy one, seeing the girls having a great time get-together and showering our best wishes to the bride-to-be.


Set the alarm and don’t be late on the day.

And so… it’s



Christine and I scouted some places but we ended up here for the loves of their food and the cosiness, sweet décors and background of the café. Here, we hold our bridal shower tea party in Le Moon’s Eatery. Bakery. Zakka. which is located in Jade Hill, Kajang; a 3-storey building that is painted in minty green. Check out one of my visits here, another story will be up very soon.

1# The Theme


The girls were informed to be in beige with a bow or ribbon wearing on their hair while the bride-to-be will be in pink. And our theme??? That would be “Yen in Wonderland” theme; mimic the Alice in the Wonderland. hehe

#2 The Setting


Background was set up with sweet helium balloons…



Special table setting for the Bride-to-Be with essentials like crown and sash…


Table setting for the girls…


Our décor table that filled with the self made knick-knacks, presents and errrr hemmm… games.



We had Peter Rabbit here as guest too! It was super difficult to get him over as he was very busy until he heard it was Yen’s Tea Party…

3# The Queen


Here comes the Bride-to-Be! It’s party time, let’s crown her!!!

4# The Tea Party


And of course, for the tea party, there will be tea dishes! We had a discussion with Le Moon beforehand on what’s on the menu, how we loved it to be, we can choose whatever we fancied. They made the table setting for us, with small flowers and heart serviette on the tables.


Sweets and savouries on the Yen’s Tea Party’s menu
Mini Chicken Burger, Fire Cracker, Smoked Salmon Sandwich, Wild mushroom, garlic and thyme tartlett with goats cheese
Raisin Danish, Scone with whipping cream and fruity jams, Fruit Parfait, Bread & Butter Pudding
Mini Cupcakes, Mini New York Cheese Cake, Valrona Chocolate Cake


Although written mini, they were really huge in portion. It was really worth paying for every bit of them; it was about Rm 50++ per pax, drinks are not included. To fill our hungry tummies, we started of with the savouries; the Wild Mushroom Tartlet and Smoked Salmon Sandwich were really something. It was packed with fragrant fillings and bursting with flavours. Fire Crackers and Mini Chicken Burger were huge too! Scones and Danish were pretty amazing. How great if they were still warm. Though it wasn’t the best scones I have had, it was definitely the largest scones I came across. Scoop on whipping cream and jams to go with it. They really put a lot of efforts and loves in their desserts. Love the cheese cake which was tangy lemony and rich in flavour. Yum. I didn’t get a chance to try out the chocolate cake as I was too full by then.









5# Fun Time…


The girls thinking hard in the assigned tasks; sweet notes for the Bride-to-Be.


And an Q&A session for the Bride-to-Be too

6# Photo Time


Selfie or Wefie is a must


Group photo session is another must! How can we not taking at least like 10 snap shots with the pretty Bride-to-Be?!


Who has got the biggest bow???

And so, who is next???
Le Moon’s Eatery Bakery Zakka
18-G, Persiaran Jade Hills Utama 1/1, Kajang

Business hours:
Tuesday – Thursday
8am to 11:30am – Breakfast
11:45am to 3:45pm – Lunch
4pm to 9:30 pm – Light Dinner & Coffee (Last call 9pm)
Friday – Sunday
8am to 11:30am – Breakfast
11:45am to 3:45pm – Lunch
4pm to 6pm – Light Dinner
6pm to10pm – Hearty Dinner (Last Call 9:30pm)

For party planning and functions, you could always contact Ms June at +6016 4412127.

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