Curry Laksa @ 兴记烧腊饭面, Kuchai Lama

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Hot, spicy, tangy, slurpppy…

When it comes to Kuchai Lama, people must have heard of Jin Xuan Dim Sum this forever crowded dim sum place especially on the weekend morning. Yes, that dim sum place is good and is often my weekend yum cha place. However, it is always on a long queue.



Just recently, I made a visit again but not for dim sum as the queue was long. We hopped next door instead and surprisingly, I discovered a stall selling decent bowls of curry noodles. 兴记烧腊饭面 (erm, not quite sure about their name in english) is located in this seafood restaurant; offering curry noodles, dried curry noodles, wanton mee and chicken rice too! I believe it’s operating during day time only while at night time it is in charge by the seafood restaurant.




Char siew!!!


Priced at Rm 5 per bowl and Rm 6 for the bowl of curry mee with cockles.


Brimmed with ingredients such as taugeh, taufu pok, chicken, pork skin, and fresh cockles; drenched in the hot orangey red curry soup and served with a cut of lime. I love how the lime juice did the magic to my curry noodles; it turned the curry into tangy and appetizing. Which then made my bowl of curry noodles less greasy or lemak. Simply enjoyed it! You can always substitute the chicken with siu yoke (roasted pork belly) or char siu. But please don’t omit the pork skin which has been deep fried and cooked in the fragrant curry soup for hours. It was fully adsorbed with the curry essence. Yummy!


Slurrrrppppp til the bottom.

Jalan 1/116B,
Kuchai Enterpreneurs’ Park,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 – 7982 6812

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4 thoughts on “Curry Laksa @ 兴记烧腊饭面, Kuchai Lama”

    • thanks dear!
      haha come back then faster satisfy your Asian cravings
      when are you coming back ??? quite a long time in European countries oh

  • Oh my poor stomach can’t handle all that spicy factor, LOL! Great shots, and seriously, really looks too spicy for words! Jin Xuan is always crowded, but it is a good thing or you would not have enjoyed slurping this all the way to its last drop 😛

    • haha, christy. I’m sure you can handle this one. It looks red is becoz of the color reflection only. It is not really spicy. or you can try others like chicken rice but not wanton mee cz my mum said not really delicious. lol

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