Yut Kee Kopitiam 鎰記茶餐室 @ Dang Wangi, KL

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Crispy, Crunchy, Aromatic, Yummy…


Yut Kee Kopitiam has been here for decades since year 1928. Being one of the oldest kopitiam in KL, it does play an important role in our parents’ memory whereby in those old days, there weren’t really a lot of eating places around. Managed by the third generation now, Yut Kee Kopitiam is still serving Hainanese fares that people will queue up for. Especially during weekends, one may have to wait up to 30 minutes or more for the seats and you may have to share a table with the strangers.


Old ceiling fan, vintage tiles, pastries serving counter, wooden chairs and marble tables. It is so old-school here.



Barley with Lime
A refreshing thirst quencher after the long wait.


Pork Chop (Rm 10)
Pork fillet was deep fried into golden brown, drenched with thick brown Worcestershire-based gravy. The pork fillet was juicy on the inside and the breaded skin was light. Served with potato wedges, sautéed onions, peas and carrots bits. I really love the down to earth flavour of the dish, the old school taste.



Hainanese Chicken Chop (Rm 8.50) was good too! The meat was succulent, juicier than pork chop!!!


Fried Hailam Mee (Rm 6), another down to earth stir fried noodles that was quite similar Hokkien Mee but this was lightly tossed in the light brown, came with bits of squid, pork, chicken and deep fried pork lard. Hmmm, lack of wok hei though…


Curry Mee was a letdown. It was the only spicy flavour I could taste of.


Roasted Pork Roll with Apple Sauce (Rm 14 per portion with 2 slices)
We ordered this while we were on the queue. This special roasted pork roll is only available during the weekends, around 10am onwards. Stuffed with pistachios and peach, roasted into perfection till it gave a crispy skin, then paired with their homemade apple sauce. So lovely! However, I do find it pricey for the small portion of pork roll.


Kaya Swiss Roll


Homemade Marble Butter Cake

These are the traditional homemade cake. They may not have the fluffy texture like what we can get it from the bakery or cake house. But this good old taste is something unforgettable. Their kaya which is double-boiled for long hours was really fragrant and creamy.

And so before I end, wishing everyone Happy Winter Solstice !

Yut Kee 鎰記茶餐室
35 Jalan Dang Wangi,
50100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2698 8108
Opening hours: 8am to 5 pm daily
closed on Mondays

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