Restaurant Nepal – Himalayan Cuisine @ Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas

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Nepal, is one of the counties I would love to pay a visit one day, to learn about their ethnic, culture and experience the spiritual atmosphere. This will only happen when the day comes. However, before entering the country one day, we can actually enjoy and taste their food here, in KL!


Restaurant Nepal – Himalayan Cuisine


This new restaurant just pops up not long ago. Tucked in Plaza Damas, it serves authentic Nepali food as well as Thakali food that are originated from the Himalayan region and some are from the homey mom’s recipe! Nepali food is greatly influenced by the Chinese, Indian and Tibetan in the ways of preparation and cooking style. They are pretty interesting and loaded with spices to create the palatable to-die-for dishes.


Shangri-lla (Rm 9 by glass/ Rm 40 by jar)
A drink that is similar to the Spanish’s sangria, this special house drink is made of red wine with fruit juices & apple slices were added in.


Fresh Mango Lassi (Rm 12)
Blend of fresh mango and yoghurt.


Deep fried Momo (Rm 7 for 4 pieces)
Momo is actually dumplings, either presented by steaming or deep frying them into golden brown. It was actually my second time on momo and my first experience on momo was in a vegetarian restaurant where they served Tibetan and New Age cuisine. The difference of the momo from my very first experience was, these momo here are filled with minced chicken with unique blend of Nepali spices. Momos were then deep fried into golden brown. These dumplings were still juicy after deep-frying. I believe they do have vegetable version, made upon request.


Snack Platter (Rm 24)
If you are first time here and would love to try a variety of the Nepalese signatures, go for this snack platter. It was a huge platter that is good for sharing; comes with a combination of Chicken Chili, Bhuteko Bhatmas, Nepali Salad, Mushroom peas, Aloo Silam & Momo (4pcs).


Momo – Chicken
these were the steamed version of dumplings, with the outlook quite similar to the xiao long bao except minus the broth encased in the dumplings. Yummy, but I myself prefer the fried version and goes with the spices/sauces.


Chicken Chili
Chicken marinated in herbs, stir-frying with onions, green capsicums, chillies and tomatoes in the spicy sweet and sour sauce. Very much similar to our Chinese version but this one was explosive with spices. There are original spicy, mild or non spicy versions to choose from.


Bhuteko Bhatmas
Deep-fried crispy soya beans marinated in Nepalese spices. This is seriously addictive and I am seriously in love with this!!! Gimme a jug of beer please!


Aloo Silam (Mum’s Recipe)
Boiled potatoes marinated with red onion and the Nepalese herbs – silam. Quite aromatic and worth a try.


Nepali Salad
With shredded cabbages, carrots, capsicums, onions and tomatoes.


Fried Mushroom with Green Peas


Fapar Ko Roti (Mum’s Recipe)
Organic Buckwheat bread (or roti to me) on ghee, served with Daal & Chutney. We all love this!!! Especially having them with the Daal.



Chata-Mari (Rm 12)
Nepalese version of pizza. This was something special, made of rice battered crepes and topped with minced chicken, spring onions, tomatoes and egg. Although cheese was not added into it, it tasted so cheesy. The trick behind?! That’s the job of the eggs.


Jhol Maccha (Rm 18)
Fish slices in light curry with tomatoes, onion, coriander. The curry was light and didn’t gimme the greasy (or jelak) feeling like what we normally get from the Indian curries. Very nice and it was quite appetizing. The curry went well with the buckwheat bread too!


Fars Ko Daal Ra Khasi Ko Nali – from Mum’s Recipe (Rm18)
Mutton Bone-Marrow in a bed of creamy and rich pumpkin curry; heavily infused with Nepalese spices.

Do save some space for desserts! And I find Nepali desserts are very healthy!


Sudip (Rm 6)
Rich and thick yoghurt added with banana and sprinkled with cinnamon spices. What a healthy desserts, like something that can be found in my breakfast.


Sewai (Rm 6)
Vermicelli pudding cooked in milk and coconut cream. Vermicelli can be desserts too??? How interesting and only in Nepali cuisine. It was fragrant and non sweet, almonds were tossed in for extra kick!


Nepali Masala Chya (Rm 5)
Spiced tea to end the meal.

Special thanks to Robin for the warmth hospitality; sharing with us about their food, the country and the culture. It was so good to meet him in person, as though it was like attended a very informative class with his experiences and stories.

Restaurant Nepal – Himalayan Cuisine
F-0-6, Plaza Damas,
60 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Sri Hartamas, 50480,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 6206 3904 or +6016 9770 718
Business hours:
Mon – Fri: 11:30am – 3pm , 6pm – 10pm
Sat – Sun: 11:30am – 10pm

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