Just Like It N2 Ice Cream @ Cheras Leisure Mall

  • Sumo

What’s for the crazy hot weather?!!!!

Scream for ICE CREAM!!!!


Chilling nitrogen gas, lab technicians all in lab coats, beakers, volumetric flasks….

Everyone has been talking the liquid nitrogen ice cream which is the latest and hottest desserts in town. There are brands like Ooh My Gas and N Brew which often draw patrons to stop by and have a look on the process and ended up everyone’s hands are with a cup of N2 ice cream. I haven’t given a try, till… I found out there is one N2 ice cream in the mall near my house – Just Like It Ice Cream!!! Newly open its door to the Cheras folks, like the other N2 ice cream, this one too, using the liquid nitrogen technology to create super smooth ice cream from flavoured liquids. Pick flavours from their signature menu such as New Popcorn, Durian Durian, chocolate flakes or the Weekly Menu such as Tropicana Mango, Rum Raisin, Mandarin Ginger, Café Café, Double Cracking Pistachio and a lot more. I had mine Roxy Berries; filled with spices and berries, it was a little straight to my liking. Priced at Rm 9.90 for the small and Rm 11.90 for the large cup. Would be great if they are able to give out samples to try or else it would be ended up ordering blindly.






roxy berries

Roxy Berries; Rm 11.90 for a large cup

Just Like It
Leisure Mall, Level 1
(Next to Craving Lane)

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