LaoMaZi 老妈子 @ Jalan Ipoh, KL

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During our best buddy’s birthday this year, he wished for a simple gathering filled with local cuisine; hence Citygal brought us here to savour some home-cooked dishes in LaoMaZi (老妈子) on his very special day.


LaoMaZi (老妈子)

or “Mother” in Chinese; is a restaurant that serves home-cooked fares. Located at the basement floor behind Wisma Yoon Cheng, Jalan Ipoh, is definitely not something/someplace I would discover by chance.


Their signatures, written on the whiteboard. Well, if you have no idea what to order, always ask for recommendation. And we did!


“Chin Cai” Steam Fish (rm 35)
Chin Cai lar or simply lar


Yes, this is their specialty steam where they simply put in their ingredients and made up this steam fish. With chopped garlic, chillies, spring onions and everything here and there. A very homely dish, I would say.


Smoked pork belly (rm 19)
Beautifully smoked pork belly, served with braised peanuts. Just that, I find the portion is kinda small.


Otah special (rm 25)
The sweeter version of otah, mixed with the coconut flesh and served inside the coconut.


Interesting. I like the idea, but not the otah as it was lack of spices.


Salted Egg Tofu (rm 12)
Yummay! I just love anything with salted egg. We polished clean the plate, even the greens too! Love the flavourful gravy!


Deep Fried Lotus Root with Salted Egg (rm 14)
Crispy golden brown bits covered with a layer of salted egg.


Wild boar curry (rm 14)



We ended our meal with the very Old Fashioned Ice Cream Potong.

And… He had his wish (on food) granted.

Verdict: Very homey-cooked dishes they served. The dishes are interesting but priced slightly expensive (in terms of food portion).

LaoMaZi 老妈子
No. 726, Wisma Yoon Cheng (Basement)
4 1/2 Miles Jalan Ipoh 51200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60 3 90768606
Business hours:
11am – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm
Closed on Mondays

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  • The dish served inside the coconut is presented so nicely – shame the taste didn’t meet the presentation. Still, I like the idea of food served in a natural fruit bowl.

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