Meng Sang Seafood Restaurant 茗昌海鲜饭店 @ Taman Midah

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I have no idea since when Taman Midah has converted to a seafood hub. For just 5 mins drive from my place (yay! No need to travel far), I can get superb fresh seafood at an affordable price. In one taman midah itself, it hides 3 restaurants that selling seafood (I have discovered so far); 2 with source from bagan datoh and the others from pulau ketam. I have yet to try the one with source from pulau ketam, will soon head for it (Do wait for my review).

With the families, we were supposed to dine in Han Lim Seafood Restaurant, as it was a weekend night, the restaurant was very crowded. Hence, we had to take a Plan B for dinner. Driving round and round, we spotted Meng Sang Seafood Restaurant hidden under the tree and huge canopy.


Meng Sang Seafood Restaurant obtains their fresh seafood supply from the local waters – Bagan Datok. I must say, their seafood are very fresh too!


meng sang

Pick your seafood items to be done under the canopy. The person in charge will weight them and then send them into the kitchen and do it in the way you want.


Our pick.


Stir fry bamboo clams with chilli and fermented bean sauce (面鼓酱)
Succulent fat bamboo clams, additional of the chilli give a spicy hint to them. Due to the fermented bean sauce, it was a lil saltier. Overally, we enjoyed the big fat juicy bamboo clams with the fluffy rice.


Deep fried squid with salted egg yolk (RM23 for 500g)
Coated evenly with the egg yolk batter and deep fried into golder brown. Simply irresistible!


Fresh Steam fish (RM42 for 600g)


Steamed prawns with egg whites 蛋白蒸虾 (RM 77 for 700g)
The succulent big fat prawns perfectly done. With the essence from the prawns, the egg whites were extra sweet. Again, we polished it clean.


一支骨 literally translated into “one piece bone”. (RM 6 per piece)
They were looking glossy with a coat of caramelized sauce/gravy; tender and huge too!

Taste wise, every dishes we ordered were very well seasoned and suited our tastebuds. Price wise, it is kinda affordable but just a little bit more expensive if to compare it with Han Lim. So, if you don’t mind having fresh seafood by the roadside, don’t mind paying extra bucks and not wanting to line up in the forever-crowded Han Lim seafood restaurant (especially during the weekends dining hours), here could be the seafood place for you.

Meng Sang Seafood Restaurant 茗昌海鲜饭店 
38, Jalan Medan Midah 5,
Taman Midah, Cheras,
56100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 016-235 5533 (kopi 仔); 019-260 6432 (家奇)

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