Xiao Fei Yang (Little Fat Lamb) 小肥羊 @ Pudu + Zhi&i

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This girl had me tense up for weeks.
I msn-ed Chris and KgBoy, I sms-ed Christine and I even e-mailed Sugar who is now in UK… for opinionsssss.
I couldn’t make up my mind…
not till the very last minute….



We chose to celebrate her birthday at this good hotpot/ steamboat place – Xiao Fei Yang (Little Fat Lamb). Read a good review from Sugar Bean who loves the hot and spicy stuff food a lot and it is gonna be a great place for hang out, makan-makan and a celebration.


The sterilized cutlery


The appetizers


The sauces to go with the pork or any meaty slices or veges. Kampungboy taught us the way of mixing sauces together at a ratio for extra flavour. Yummm…

1. The Starters:


from their signatures, 口水鸡


another cold dish, we had their special sliced pork with this special kind of crunchy vege. Love the tangy yet appetizing sauce a lot.

2. Hotpot/Steamboat:


We had the combination of herbal broth and spicy hot chili soup 麻辣汤 (RM 22). The ma lat soup was boiled with lots of chilies, pepper and herbs. we smelt the spiciness from the soup. it’s time to get sweaty!!!









We ordered quite a lot meaty plates such as lamb slices, pork slices, beef slices羊腿肉golden needle mushroom, pumpkin slices, yam sticks, cold bean curd 冻豆腐, bak choi 白菜, handmade noodles 手打面The pumpkin slices and yam sticks were really delicious after being sometimes in the boiling broth, and i love my meaty slices in the hot and spicy ma lat soup.

Slurrrrpppp…. in the end, our lips become numb and red.

3. The Celebration


and now, i present The Zhi&i which I have thought for days to weeks. It was actually the feather light cheesecake but I have done some alteration on the ingredients and methods and modified the recipe into Zhi&i.


Soft and fluffy cake with the hint of light cheese and chocolaty texture. You can view the original recipe from here. (thanks to TracieMoo).


Our Sweet and pretty Birthday Girl – WeiZhi a.k.a. Citygal.
Happy Birthday to WeiZhi!~


The Sweetest Couple – KampungboyCitygal


Sisters (muack, Muacks, Muacksss)


and the happy Family ^^

Photos (of us) credited to Chris

Xiao Fei Yang (Little Fat Lamb) 小肥羊
No. 18, Lorong Thambi Dua,
Off Jalan Pudu,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-21426789

*Great News! they are going to have their very first branch at Damansara Utama (Near Police Station) in April. so people in PJ do not have to travel far for their ma lat steamboat larrrr* and they will come out with more variety such as buffet steamboat and stuff :):):)

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27 thoughts on “Xiao Fei Yang (Little Fat Lamb) 小肥羊 @ Pudu + Zhi&i”

  • Sweet celebration ~~

    I never try ma lat steamboat b4, don't know the power of ma lat 😛 ~~ Btw, how's the charges? They charge the ingredients plate by plate?

  • mimi,
    we got sweaty and the lips turn numb after having the ma lat soup. huuhuu…

    yep, they charge plate by plate. but they are going to have their first branch in DU. there will be buffet and stuff!!! 🙂 looking forward it 🙂

    and all 5 of us, we had all these at RM 160 +++ each of us pay roughly rm32-33 like that 🙂

  • Why you food bloggers all so thin/slim/pretty??? I also wanna eat eat eat and don't get fat >.<

    Btw, love your blog. Precise, not lengthy, informative and alluring. =) Just added your blog to the 'My Likes' of my blog. Keep it up ^0^

  • This place looks delicious. I am going to have to search for a hotpot restaurant somewhere near me. Cool stuff.

  • I'm so glad you tried out this recipe and am totally honored to have it presented to your good friend :)) I hope you all liked the cake!

  • u.li,
    thanksss 🙂 hehe, yeah, they are really pretty ^^ love them lots!

    small boar,
    huuhuuu, i am gaining weight since the dec celebration last year and then CNY. very difficult gain back my previous weight >< iks

    cocina savant,
    this place is really great for their meaty slices too! 🙂 thanks for dropping by :)))

    i guess they love it! <3
    thanks for the sharing up recipe. i have that recipe book too 🙂

    hehehehe, no worries, they will be there in PJ soon!

  • wei yeeng,
    you bad-nya… this quessss… but it is a good question. haha, alright, i will let you know bout it as soon as i find it out. 🙂

  • Wow, on top of those good food served in Xiao Fei Yang. I think the cake that you baked stood up more! Drooling all over now. Haha, can't wait to meet up with you guys again.

    Btw, happy belated birthday Weizhi! =)

  • My kids and I love steamboat, wait for them to open in Damansara then i go to try it out. About the Tracie's cake, I did too, but mine failed, not sure why..maybe you can share your tips to me.

  • chris,
    ya lar ya lar, i have linked ur name and the blog web on it.

    good job!!!

    sugar bean,
    faster come back!!! we miss having sugar bean around. we know sugar bean loves ma lat steamboat the most! kekeke

    hehe, i have just emailed you 🙂

    pork balls???
    hmmm, i think the best in here are those pork slices, lamb slices or beef slices!!! pork balls are too normal for this kind of steamboat ler 😛

  • thanks witch 🙂

    mimi & foongpc,
    yes yes, mee too! looking forwards the DU outlet!

    not that i wan to tempt you guys but the slices are superb!!! love the meaty slices too!!!

    ^^ okay

  • michelle,
    i am not really sure with the time.
    but i remember, they have break from 3 to 5something.
    mayb you can call up and ask?!

    this is their number

    sorry bout any inconvenience

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