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Golek… golek… golek…

Fancy BBQ but you hate flipping the BBQ skewers all the time?!
Hehe, here is where you should head over because there is this auto skewer machine that will help you with the chores and on and off counter-checked by the staff to assure skewers are ready to be eaten.


Flamehill BBQ 火焰山烧烤


Located in Bandar Mahkota Cheras, this is the place where you can have your fuss-free bbq meal; without getting sweat and smoky scent plastered on your body and get involve into grilling your food.


Flamehill BBQ custom-made these extraordinary skewer grill from China. You may think how special it is??? It is actually automated whereby the skewers are turning round and round so that the food is able to get the heat, cook evenly from inside out and lock up the juice of each ingredient. You might think, how do I know whether the food is done or cook?! Well, on and off, the staffs will drop by to service you. They will help you to cook the skewers you ordered, brushing the skewers with the special sauce and check if the food is ready. What you need to do is … sit back, relax and eat. Of course, unless you request, the staffs will leave it alone to you.


Ventilation here is pretty okay as there is smoke suction vent connected to each table. And most importantly, they use quality charcoal so; you won’t be going off with charcoal dust and BBQ scent.


It will be a plus point if you could understand Chinese. Every skewer has got a special funky name on it in Chinese; they are mainly named after the characters in Journey to the West. Flamehill’s skewers were really amazing. They were all very well-seasoned. Some with just salt and pepper, some with the special house’s sauce and remember to dose on their signature powder before grilling the skewers. Personally I fancied most of the skewers especially the Flame Capsicum, Onion, Garlic, Pork, Sliced Pork Wrap Needle Mushroom, Flame Sausage, and Flame Signature Beef. As for the Flamed Smoked Duck, I find its meat was a little soft to my liking.


Flame Signature Beef (Rm 3.5) & Flame Signature Lamb (Rm 3.5)


Flamed Smoked Duck (Rm 3)


Flame Capsicum, Onion, Garlic, Pork (Rm 2.8)
Pork belly skewers which were very well marinated beforehand and had them grilled into perfection. If you prefer lean meat, you can actually request for leaner version. I love mine with pork belly; layered with even proportion of fats and lean meat and it was very fragrant while munch on the oily bits of the pork.


Sliced Pork Wrap Needle Mushroom – Enoki (Rm 3.5)
This one has my vote!!! It was very well flavoured with their house’s special sauce. This is a must if you were here.


Flame Sweet Pork Ball (Rm 2.8) ; Flame Chinese Sausage (Rm 2.8) was pretty yummy. Pair it with a bowl of hot fluffy rice will make everything best.


Flame Stingray (Rm 3.2)


Flame Doman Fish (Rm 3.2)


Flame Sausage (Rm 2)


Flame Honey Chicken Wing (Rm 4 for 2 pcs) which was then brushed on with honey sauce at the grill, layers by layers and grilled into perfection.


Steamboat is always the grilled food’s best friend. Often, you may find BBQ place offers steamboat too, or vice versa. Same goes to Flamehill BBQ, they offer steamboat aside from BBQ skewers. There are 4 types of signature broth and all of them are all MSG-less, namely the clear broth, herbs broth, hot and spicy ma lat broth and green pepper broth. Of these four, green pepper broth caught my attention. It is made of green capsicum, pineapples and fruits. Whereas herbs broth is intense with Chinese herbs flavour. But then if you are going for the seafood set, it is advisable not to have their herbs broth as the strong intense herbs flavour will mask away the freshness of the seafood.




West to the Journey (Rm 35.9++ for 2 pax)
Came loaded with hand sliced pork, chicken, beef, lamb, fish, homemade pork ball, tg sepat fish ball and fish noodles, fu chok, fresh bean curd, enoki mushroom, Chinese cabbage, yun choy, rice noodle, udon and eggs. Portion is just nice for 2.



Superb Prawn Seafood Set (Rm 69.9++ for 2 pax)
Fans of seafood can order this set as it came with India water prawn, America huge scallop, sea prawn, fresh snow crab leg, calamari squid blue mussels, fresh scallop meat, lala, tg. Sepat fish ball and fish noodles, fu chok, fresh bean curd, enoki mushroom, Chinese cabbage, yun choy, rice noodle, udon and eggs. Their seafood was very fresh and the boss actually told us he is still sourcing for the bigger and larger scallops to be brought in into their steamboat menu.



Oh ya, don’t forget to go dip in the steamboat ingredients with their variety of sauces available. You can always mix and match to create your very own sauce. Or try out the house’s special mix sauce by mixing red and green chili sauce, fermented beancurd, sha-cha sauce, ground peanuts, vinegar and fried garlic to create the dipping sauce for grilled items; Chinese parsley, fried garlic, green and red chili sauce, chopped spring onions, red chili sauce, soy sauce to create the dipping sauce for steamboat items. These homemade mixed sauces were pretty ass-kicking.


Flamehill BBQ 火焰山烧烤
No.10, Jalan Temenggung 25/9,
Bandar Mahkota Cheras,
43200 Kajang.
Tel: 03- 9010 0027
Opening hours: Daily from 5pm to 10pm

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