Auntie Anne’s Pretzel

  • Sumo

I had only 4 hours sleep last night. 2-continuous-nights of burning mid night oil make me older for about 5 years. Argh… I aged!!! I need instant remedy — hibernate with extra eye gel to soothe the dark panda eyes and boost the eyes’ blood circulation.

Before hibernating, gonna make a short post here.

This is it, my all time favourite — Auntie Anne’s chocolate mint pretzel.

The pretzel’s dough is chewy and the mixture of chocolate and mint is at the right sugary taste, that’s too good in the cool afternoon. Heard my friend said they have green tea flavour, gonna try it next time.

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10 thoughts on “Auntie Anne’s Pretzel”

  • christine,

    why ler? they are quite nice 😛

    hmmm, guess it is the color of the chocolate and mint. taste great 🙂

  • Towards healthy and leisure life,
    hi, thanks for dropping by. fancy pretzel too?!

    yaya, i saw that too. kinda expansive and it is small. have yet to try it. wondering how it tastes?

  • Oooo, that’s my favourite too! Love it. Remember last time we ate together. =) Geng lar u, after exam still post. Haha! But it’s over, now it’s time to have fun! Enjoy!

  • sugar bean,
    muahahahahaha, finally i can muahahahahaha. wahahaha

    exam finally over. phewww… studying this course is really damaging my skin. i aged i m old and worst, those pimples outbreak that i gained over these few weeks.

    i am sure urs will end soon! gambate!

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