Special Bread during Tea Time

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We were hitting for a lovely tea in one afternoon as my brother was noising and buzzing over my ears. Couldn’t stand him and Hence, we came over to Kedai Kopi Lou Hgau situated just on the left next to the BHP Petrol, Taman Connaught.

What a shame of me. For over 15 years I have stayed in Cheras and I have never visited this Char Shat. Brother brought me here. He said he wants something here and I eyed the small stall entitled “Special Bread” which is run by a lady. My curiosity aroused and was wondering how special they are, I hopped over and made a few orders.

We had the tuna bun which came in with lots of tuna spread, cucumbers and all packed in the toasted elongated bread. This bun was quite okay but priced at Rm 3 was bit expansive for me.

Next on, this was interesting. I have no idea what this is called as I pointed onto the menu with diagrams to order. This bread rollscame in 6 pieces where slices of white bread wrapped up ingredients and topped with of cheese before sending into the toaster.

Sausages and cucumbers with mayonnaise wrapped in toasted white bread topped with cheese.

On the left, the dried chicken floss and cucumbers with mayonnaise and chili sauce wrapped in toasted white bread topped with cheese. On the right, that’s the cucumbers with mayonnaise wrapped by the ham and then the white bread.
Personally, I like the one with chicken floss and the one with ham.

The thick toasted bread may seem unattractive but it tasted good. The thick toast was covered with butter spread, condensed milk, cheese and oats. Honestly, this has to be shared among people as you will feel jelek if eat too much.

In between Blocks, there were spreads of peanut butter and butter.

Every bread dishes are priced at Rm 3. I find it quite expansive for me at this dining environment. Besides, the stall is run by the lady alone and it took quite a long time until ours are served.


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22 thoughts on “Special Bread during Tea Time”

  • ok~ bring me to this coffee shop when i m back. living in western countries taught you 1 thing, bread tasted just as good as anywhere and the taste are pretty generic everywhere =) I love bread

  • ohh..ya..maybe could buy some for us on saturday…haha..the one with ham..and also the sausages looks nice…*wink wink..

  • agree agree! weelick’s a genius. dear, pls ta pao for us!
    Your tea time… so ‘fung fu’!
    U know what I had? Just plain biscuits! sobz.. ;P

  • These bread look so delicious! I’ve never seen char shat bread being wrapped up like your bread roll. Haha! I wanna try it out! Bring me there next time ya! 🙂

  • These bread look so delicious! I’ve never seen char shat bread being wrapped up like your bread roll. Haha! I wanna try it out! Bring me there next time ya! 🙂

  • wahhh u all order all the bread? looks simple and can be done at home with a toaster. better go buy kopi tiam bread at the pasar malam today.

  • Don’t mind if I correct your spelling or maybe I got the wrong meaning. Do you mean EXPENSIVE as in the price is higher than acceptable level or the range of breads is EXPANSIVE in the coffee shop.

  • jimmy,
    oh god… you are back from aus. that’s da nightmare for US!

    new kid on the blog,
    quite nice lar…

    flsam & durianberry,
    they are jz… bread. it’s delicious but i bet can be done easily.

    haha, yeah… can be done easily at home but my bro likes ‘outside-food’. haihz

    wee lick & christine,
    sorry e, that morning can’t join for breakfast. how’s da dim sum?
    da bao d not nice one. must dine in. hehe

    wenching & esiong, meiyen & yammylicious,
    if you like bread, definately you will like every of them. i like them very much as i m a bread lover


    precious pea,
    you can have it… wanna da bao for you?! but da bao-ed one not nice adi.

    kok how,
    thanks for dropping by again. you can bring ur yan yan over and have a try. i bet you know where’s da place ^^

  • big boys oven,
    yep! totally agree with you. any chances to try out the bread baked by you guys?! *hehe*

    teckiee & ling 239,
    ermmm… wat to do?! my bro likes ‘outside-food’. so… bring him over to satisfied his desire lo… but yep, all these can be done easily at home.

    @.@ wow, 22 yrs.
    me too! me in cheras for 17 yrs…

    ah… that’s very kind of you. thanks for da correction. i never notice that when typing. tq

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