Brown sotong & kangkung

  • Sumo

We bought about 2kg of brown sotong and 1.2kg of kankung Yesterday afternoon while we were in Jusco shopping for food and groceries. What were they for? Gotta transform these pure ingredients into a local delicacies, ‘yau yu ung choi’ (Brown sotong & kangkung). This was performed by a friend of my parents. Cooked both ingredients and dried them up. Added sweet sauce and chilies and some others (which I dunno). Finally, sprinkled sesame and peanuts all over. Deeeeeelicious! We all love it!

The chewy brown sotong coated with sesame. Ohhh~ yum

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4 thoughts on “Brown sotong & kangkung”

  • wow..deeeeelicious for sure!
    Will update my posts later…. I’ll send u the pics by tomorrow can? kinda busy these few days! Headache already lar~~

  • wenching, haha. malaysia food very nice right? think of it, you won’t be able to get it in uk. hehe.

    leng, man man lai ya~ i have got some pics from weelick d, left pics on 2 of us only~

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