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It’s my turn to put review on Chin Hiong Restaurant (清香楼冷气海鲜酒家). This was my very first experience to dine with the food bloggers which turned out to be a real nice and enjoyable dinner but nervously with them. And I have got the opportunity for food tasting!

As Teckiee and Christine and Sugar Bean have made good reviews on this restaurant, erm… I think I can curi tulang a bit hor?! Hehe

‘Wow! Oh my!’ that was my very first thought when I entered the restaurant and saw these beautifully golden bowls placed on where we were going to sit. This was too ‘extraordinary’ from what I expected. It was way tooooo Grand!

Firstly served was the Tai Chee Fins, 太极翅 which came in 2 soup bases in Yin Yang. The white soup base was filled with crab meat while the red soup base was filled with abalone sauce with shredded chicken. Both soup based have to be eaten separately. We were told to have the white soup first then only the red one.

The Tai Chee Fins (Rm 45 per pax) came along with dish where you can see the Shark fins were placed around the carrot-crafted-rose. And the shark fins were surrounded with the Dried Scallops wrapped with Steamed Old cucumber.

Before we had the soup, chopstick-ful of Shark fins which was neatly tied with spring a strand of leek was added into the soup. Along side, the Dried Scallops with Old cucumber can be eaten together with the soup or separately. *Slurp-Slurp* I added the scallops into the shark fins soup and it turned out to be a good combination.

Next, we had Kei Loon Har (prawn), 麒麟虾 priced at Rm 80 for 1kg. Chef Fann has chosen the fresh living Ming Har prawns, 明虾 and they tasted extremely appetizing with the additional of sweet and sour sauce prepared by Chef Fann. One words to describe this dish: simply Fingers-licking good! Ermmm… the sauce tasted quite similar to the sauce prepared by my mum from her ‘secret recipe’.

The Jiu Pai Guat, 招牌骨 is marinated with a variety of Chinese Herbs and double-boiled and it was then deep-fried before served. The pork tasted juicy and the meat was tender. Sprinkle of the sesame boosted up the flavour of the pork.

Oh… never afraid of the thick proportion of fats. I believe the fat had been ‘emulsified’ during the double-boiled procedure.

Coming up next, Yat Fan Feng Shun 一帆风顺 which was a well-presented fish dish aka Guai Mei Yu 怪味鱼. Priced at Rm 50 on our dish. According to Chef Fann, this dish can be only prepared by using large fish. The fei zhou yu (非洲鱼)was used and The fish fillets were deep fried and then cooked with rock sugar and F&N orange.

There was slightly curry taste in it. Rock sugar, curry powder and F&N orange, sounds so unusual but the whole dish were amazingly tasty and flavourful.

The Hakka styled Pork hand 客家猪手 with strong aromatic herbal taste was double-boiled up to 5 hours with different kind of herbs like dong guai (当归), gam chou (荩草) and bat kok (八角). Hence, reservation has to be done for this dish. A lot of Chin Hiong’s customers return for this dish.

Look at this, I found an angle to capture where it looked like a cute piggy. Don’t you think so?! God’s Stomach, 神仙肚 which was a cute name for this and priced at Rm 35. This is one of the most popular dishes in this restaurant that keeps the customers back for it. Spare ribs are enclosed inside the pig’s stomach and boiled with assorted Chinese herbs and spice. Chef Fann said that imported pig are used as the imported pig’s stomach are much smaller than Malaysia’s one.

Chef Fann was having a role as ‘doctor’ for ‘operation’ on the pig’s stomach.

It may look unattractive but it tastes good. Still, it was not to my liking.

This is something I have not had before. I meant, I’d tried out shark before but not this Tiger Shark in Claypot 瓦煲虎鲨. Look at the whitish-rubbery-like-substance (pls forgive me for this kind of description where I learnt it in Chemistry/MircoBio class) which tasted so chewy, that’s the shark skin which is the best part to be eaten. I bet it was real high in protein as it was so collagen-ous.

Priced at RM5.50 per 100g, do call up and pre-ordered. Our dish was about Rm 28.

Finally came out the Hor Sa Guk Tin Gai, 河沙焗田鸡. This was a very unique dish where paddy frog were flavoured with the Chinese wine (花雕酒) and dong guai (当归). The paddy frog in dong guai and fa diu wine was placed on top of the heated and reused black river sand in the claypot (as you can see in the picture, the black colour part). Before it was served, Chef Fann covered up the lid of the claypot. The fa diu wine was poured over the lid and came the ‘sizzling’ sound. The black sand is used to increase the aroma of the soup. Priced at Rm 35 for 3 large paddy frogs.

Oh boy, the soup was rich in dong guai flavour and sweet. A little chili was added to fragrant the soup and the paddy frogs’ meat were so tender. There was Jelly Ear Fungus too which gave the whole dish extra nutritious! I was so in love with it!

Last but not least, the wheatgrass jelly tasted refreshing.


And now, Chin Hiong Restaurant is giving a 10% off the total bill amount discount to all customers who dine-in. what you can do is just print this out (the voucher above) and enjoy the sumptuous meal in Chin Hiong Restaurant.

Thanks to Sid from Big Boys Oven for the wonderful invitation and I am glad to meet up other food bloggers – Teckiee from Eat First Think Later, Tankiasu, Jackson from Living in Food Heaven, Sunny and Sid from Big Boys Oven. And my best buddies, Christine and Sugar Bean! Nice meeting you guys~ ^^

Chin Hiong Restaurant
Lot #2, Batu 22,
Jalan Batu Arang,
Kampung Sungai Bakau (KUB),
48000 Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Tel: 03-60920628
H/P: 012-2026125 / 016-2102303 (the chef: Mr. Fan You Tek)

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