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Thanks to the test this morning and thanks to my very last minute of revising, and now I am really lack of sleep and having heavy eye bags and dark circles. *huh* I have been burning midnight oil for 3 days and took averagely 4 hours sleep over the weekends. *yawn* with blurry eyes and half awaked brain, I went into the exam hall and scribbled and written on the paper and then went out after an hour. ‘No eyes to see’, that’s the conclusion for myself.

It’s time to blog again on my last Thursday visit to Alexis, Ampang. I have been bugging for accompanies over weeks and finally, Ah Dred and Ah Ho went with me. Kenneth who has told me about how wonderful is the Alexis’s tiramisu years ago kept playing in my mind for ages. Think it’s time to savour the legendary tiramisu.

Besides, I have been looking up for reviews on this restaurant. Everyone seems to have claimed that this restaurant is a worth to visit. It is a bistro cum wine bar with trendiest and cool award-winning interior and serves a variety of food from Asian delight to western. Hoho… can’t wait to have a GO! I have thought of this for days. By the way, its Ah Ho’s birthday on August 8 and I would treat him a piece of cake.

Ah Dred’s House brand, my lime juice and Ah Ho’s coke (from left to right). Ah Ho always says, choosing coke is always the best choice because it’s the same everywhere and doesn’t have to take the risk of having weird drinks. As for Ah Dred, he commented that his house brand was just passed.

Ah Ho had this slow roast duck breastserved with orange, cumin, baby spinach glazed with honey. This dish is priced at Rm 35 which I feel is over pricing?! But then the duck meat was tender and the taste was unique. I have no idea how to describe them in words but the portion was quite small.

Ah Dred had the fish and chips served with dory fish, French fries and tartare sauce priced at Rm 28. Tasted okay-okay where Ah Dred didn’t find ‘wow’ in it.

I needed something really light so that I could leave some space for the desserts part. I had the Alexis salad bowl at Rm 12 served with mesclun, grapefruit wedges, and sunflower seeds with good made vinaigrette. Hmmm… light and healthy but the portion was small.

It’s dessert time.

This chocolate mousse was a creamy one which melted creamily in my mouth and stimulated every single of taste buds. But we find that the chocolate taste was not thick enough.

Next on was the blueberry cheese cake. I fancied this a lot in its creamy and cheesy texture with lots of blueberry in it. Have fell for this cheese cake and this was inexpensive with a huge slice at the price of Rm 10 ONLY (same to chocolate mousse). 3 of us claimed it was nice.

*trink trink* here comes the legendary Tiramisu which is voted the best in town. It definitely has my vote too. Have a look on its texture, layers by layers with light alcohol taste and topped with the crunchy roasted peanuts and sugary candy. Oh yum~ this was really nice and very much different from other eateries. Just piece of cake and a little bit here and there, my stomach’s capacity was full. This place is perfect for tea time with a cup of tea/coffee and slice of cake in the afternoon. Their desserts are really worth to try on and I will be back for more desserts! Ah Ho and Ah Dred, when ar??? Let’s TEA.

P.S~ Happy Birthday to Ah Ho.

Alexis Ampang
Lot 10 & 11,
Great Eastern Mall,
303 Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-42602288

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10 thoughts on “Alexis @ Ampang”

  • why me o.O? Let me financially recovered first. Kinda broke now. The next visit will be night drink or high tea probably, main course there definitely doesn’t worth it

  • ya lar!~ of cz not main course there, not so worth. maybe at night for drink also but that we’ll have to save up if u wan some wine or so. hi-tea ba… *hehehe* they hav nice cakesss!

  • I think their chocolate mousse cake and tiramisu are really appealing. would like to try that out 1 day! nice post, i like the design of the restaurant.

  • I think their chocolate mousse cake and tiramisu are really appealing. would like to try that out 1 day! nice post, i like the design of the restaurant.

  • I think their chocolate mousse cake and tiramisu are really appealing. would like to try that out 1 day! nice post, i like the design of the restaurant.

  • erm… i really regret i din try any of the dessert when i went last time. Cos v ordered a starter, a pizza & a spaggrtti 4 2 person. So v could not stuck in any more food into our stomach d… ermmm…. must try it next time

  • the place is quite nice but i think its a bit too crampy if u go on weekends. every table is too near to each other, until u can hear their conversation…haha

  • ai wei! Oh.. I’m exhausted with work! damn packed la.. this week! but after reading ur amazing visit, I’ve calm down! 🙂 such nice place you’ve found! I’m like the “katak di bawah tempurung!!” bring me! bring me! I wan tiramisu and cheese cakes!

  • wenching&esiong~ have a try on their tiramisu, it is very very nice. by the way, the cheese cake is yummy, though the look is not so attractive, yummy and creamy.

    phooifun~ i heard that the pizza in alexis is very enourmous in portion. is that true? that day din try that out, next time i am going to have pizza. hehe, luckily that day was weekday. but i find lots of ppl (especially OL n office workers) were there.

    leng~ for sure i can go with u all if u want to. when are you free to makan makan again? hehehe. their desserts very very nice o! must have them ^_^

  • erm, the size of the pizza is between a regular n large size pizza, cut into 6 pieces, but its thin crush. 2 ppl can finish, n u can still order another main dish. but i suggest bout 4 ppl order it as a side dishes, so each of u can still order another main dish.

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