the never ending works

  • Sumo

I really can’t believe myself. Everyday I have to deal with those reports. Just now I’ve mend one. I printed it out yesterday and very satisfied with my whole reports. This morning, the lecturer said this cannot that cannot, must add more, this and that, bla bla bla. I have to do it once again, re-do some parts and print it out. That really takes me a lot of time.

And now, I am dealing with her tutorial works. Every night I have to stay up here until 2 to 3am to do these “unfinishable” and never ending works. Sometimes, even late til my parents will just turn in and ask me to go to bed. How can I leave all these behind and go to bed?! However, I really can’t finish them. The worst is that, I don’t even have time to read my books, lecture notes and stuff. Exam is around the corner. I feel like dying. And I am really wanted to die.

I can’t bear to fail any of the subjects in the exam. That will really gonna kill me if that really happen. my future will gone. I need more time, please gimme extra 24 hours, no, 48 hours, no… I need a lot more to complete those reports, works, notes, and lecture notes. Honestly, I haven’t started to read any of the lecture notes. A month passed since the start of this course. I really feel like dying. I need to stop the time. Can I?

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