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It has been a long time since my last post here. Let me count, almost a month?! Well, finally, I have started my course. It’s not what I always want. However, that can be said as my second choice (I think).

Tired. I am extremely tired. Before May, I have had a very nice holiday and used them to the fullness. I even felt time is not enough for me during the holiday. Now, it’s worse. I don’t have enough time at all! This week have to finish a lab report. Well, that’s fine I think but it’s not. It turns out that there are lots to write in that report. The diagrams are driving me crazy. I have to draw and colour them. Besides that, I have to prepare for my next week’s test. 3 tests at the same week! Can you believe that? Not only the test, there are 2 lab reports to be done next week and also the draft for assignments. Oh god! Moreover, my lecturer remembers my name! Nightmaresss! Please stop calling my name.

Worst of all, my dark eye circle is getting darker and deeper. Last month, I don’t have them. I felt glad that my dark eye circle is almost varnished. Sigh… things don’t go well; I have to do household chores too. Hmmm, I don’t think that’s a burden as I am used to them. 3 tests at the same week. I don’t think I manage to read all and do well in my test. Tests carry marks. Just hope that I manage to vomit out stuff.

I want holidaysss. I wish my life can get back to normal. And hope I won’t fall asleep in the class again!


Good luck to chingie for coming final
Good luck to tingie for coming mid term / final (I forgot which, sorry)
Good luck to khee for having exams this week
Good luck to everyone

Jia you! ~

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