• Sumo

Tell me. What can I do?
Why aren’t there better choices for me to choose?!
Oh my god.
I have been in holiday for a year.
I have wasted a year.
I have wasted many precious times.
I just can’t believe it.
I am so abnormal.
When can I be like my friends?
Every morning,
They drive to colleges or universities.
They work hard, concentrate in classes and doing all sorts of researches and assignments.
They study hard to score in examinations.
Their times are spared and they use them to the fullest.
So envy of them.
Why can’t I make myself a wise decision?!
decision, i need you.

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2 thoughts on “Decision”

  • decision making really very tough… especially when u dunno what will b happen if u choose this or throw it away… what i wan 2 say is sometimes u hav think too much, n this cause u scare 2 take the next step… make ur own decision! be brave to face it.. be confident! the choice is on ur hand n not others… dun judge something that it is not suitable to u before u try it…be brave n confident.. n be happy too! ^_^

  • how you judge other’s decision to be wise… aiks.
    i am not sure whether i have pick the correct route in my life.
    anyway just live within and continue whateva your choice is

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