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Ms. Sponge
What a long time unheard nickname. My friend, Khee used to call me that. Often, when she gives me long distance phone calls or messaging me or e-mailing me, she will call me Ms. Sponge. She gives me this nick name years ago. She says I can ‘absorb’ those she ‘pours’ out and never really ‘release’ mine. Ha-ha. Maybe you guys don’t know what I mean. Well, according to her, I am a good listener. When she is upset or sad or down or moody, she will pour everything on me. She pours her angers, her tempers, and also her sorrow on me. I am always comforting her by cooling her down. Maybe I really don’t know how to advise people. Sigh… she also said I am a very strong sponge. I can suck a lot without releasing them. I don’t really know how to give opinions. However, I can listen to what you guys say. And let you guys to ‘fa xie’ (mandarin)!

Today, when I was on my way back from Leisure Mall, I received phone call from khee. Yeah… long distances call as she is now in foreign country to further her studies. How envy of her. Jia you ya! Gosh, I missed her so much! Life is so bored now. I have to travel everywhere by myself. Shopping alone and also eating alone. Everyone is busy. Oh my… I hate doing stuff alone >.<
Hate to shop alone as no one to ask for opinions.
Hate to eat alone as I can’t finish everything by my own.
Hate to have movie alone, it is so lonely.
Hate to have desserts alone as no one can be the photographer for me and my desserts.
Hate to stand in the book store alone as this will make me looks nerdy.
Hate to drive alone as no one can talk to me in the car.
I just hate doing stuff alone. Iks…

Anyway, khee’s call really cheered me up today. I was so happy and glad. A kind of warmth feeling strengthen up my mood of the day. Aiks… too bad, we could only talk for a while as the call is very expansive. It is always nice chatting with her *_* hehe


I have finished a japanese drama — Good Luck. This drama is starring by Takuya Kimura and Shibasaki Kou. Oh my god. I can’t believe I am addicted to this drama. This is really a nice drama. I keep repeating again and again to watch the very last part. this drama is fantastic. Both main actor and actress were great in presenting their mood and I feel their acting style in it was different! Besides, Kimura-san looks so smart in his uniform. Kakkui-ne. I will give him 100 marks to him. He is sooooooooo cute! Kawaiine! Omg. What happened to me?! Okay… the last part is sooooo special. Talking about Shibasaki Kou, she is pretty in her fair skin. She is totally different when she was in the drama and the real life. She was cool in the drama but when I watched the ‘behind-the-scene’ episode, only realize that she smiled a lot. Whoaaaaa…. Her smile is sweet and beautiful. Her voice is special too! Guess it time for me to re-watch it again. gotta go ^_^

I love
Takuya Kimura
Shibasaki Kou


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2 thoughts on “Ms. Sponge”

  • ms. sponge…how true! u really r a good listener, but dun keep too much things to urself…it is bad for ur health, yes, but it also makes me feel bad. Feel bad that i m the one who always trouble u n yet, not being able to share ur feelings in return. if u ever need someone to talk to, i m always here, okie? dun worry, u won’t need to do all those things alone! how dare u forget my existence? >< keke...maybe it's because of the fact that everyone is busy with their studies that makes you feel left out. once u r enrolled in a new course, u won't think as much =) cheer up~*

  • sponge reminds me of washing the car only. aiks. lol
    y not calling you ms sandbag, you absorb everything, just tht sandbags aint capable of absorbing water

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