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Korean food is not just about kimchi, bibimbap, tteokbokki, and Korean barbeque. There are actually more than those – such as Dak Galbi and Samgyetang, these are also the popular dishes among the Koreans.


Samgyetang or literally translates as “ginseng chicken soup” is one of the specialties in Hong Park Sa, an authentic Korean restaurant that is located in the Ampang. Normally, Koreans consume this traditional dish in the summer for its nutrients, which is to replenish the energy and excessive sweating during the hot summers.


hong park sa

Just like the usual Korean restaurants, we were served with a variety of banchan before the main courses. The kimchi is served in a huge pot; just slice them into pieces – big or small based on your preference with the pair of scissors provided.


Chives pancake


Samgyetang or the Ginseng chicken soup (RM 25) was quite huge in portion and can be shared among 2. It is made with whole young chicken where the young chicken is stuffed with glutinous rice, young ginseng shoots, jujube (red dates) and other herbs; then boil in chicken broth and then served in hotpot.


The soup itself was bland. You could season it with the Korean sea salt provided based on your preference. That’s really thoughtful of them; some may love it saltier while the others may prefer a mild salty taste.


The meat turned out to be very soft and tender after boiling in the soup. Split the meat with spoon and chopstick, hidden within the chicken were the aromatic and sticky glutinous rice.


Pork BBQ (RM 22per pax – with minimum order of 2 pax)
Using granite stone pan, the helpful staff will grill the pork slices for you. Therefore, you could just sit back and enjoy your meal.


It was served with large plate of fresh vegetables


And a plate of stir-fried leeks with bean sprouts and kimchi


Radish slices that came with the pork BBQ set. Simply light and refreshing.


The pork slices were not marinated beforehand; it was good to have it alone with the lettuce leaves. However, for extra kick, you could just spread in a bit of sauce, sandwich it with garlic and kimchi and some stir-fried leeks and bean sprouts. Then Wrap it up and stuff the whole thing into your mouth. Munch, munch, munch… ♥


Not to mention, this grilled potato slice was great too! 


Hong Park Sa Korean Restaurant
G-20, Jalan Dagang B/3A,
Taman Dagang, Ampang.
(located opposite Sri Ampang Apartment)
Tel: +603-4270 3459

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Comments (10)

Over there is korean village?

i think it is considered as part of the korean village.

One of my all time favorite.. Korean! Everything looks real yummy… however, I prefer Kimchi Soup over the ginseng… hehehe! Love my soup spicy.. :0)

haha, yea, most of us love the kimchi soup (typical malaysians love things go spicy) and then we seldom get to see people order ginseng soup.
this one is quite nice. and very nutritious too!

The photo of them grilling the pork. Was that the portion for 2 pax??

the grilling portion is for one. I remember we had 2 plates of the pork slices in the end. 🙂

Korean food will never fail to impress me, yum yum~~

same here! haha. i still love korean BBQ the most (as compared to all sort of korean food)

Haven’t had Korean food for a while, hehe, your post reminded me that I should have some soon! I miss Uncle Jang!

haha, pay a visit! i must say, this korean restaurant is quite a good one. managed by korean husband & wife.
miss their pancake and bbq. and the ginseng chicken is quite decent too!

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