Zouk Cafe Bar @ The Gardens


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Can I have…
a minute please…

We were here for 40 minutes ++, where’s our orders???
A moment please
(this took them another 10minutes for ours to come)

Can you refill us some water???
WAIT a minute please…
(ended up NO refills)


It’s Friday!!! I know I should have calm down, relax and slow down my path. But not when we have waited for our orders for like 40 over minutes where the restaurant was unoccupied. (am sure you will get annoyed too)


Here in Zouk Cafe Bar, The Gardens with Chris&Christine, Kampunboycitygal and Putt.


Seafood Aglio Olio (RM 24.90) looks tantalizing. Came with toss in of light roasted garlic oil with scallops, prawns, chilli flakes, fresh basil and Parmesan shavings. Sad case, the scallops were either not fresh or uncooked.


Indonesia Fried Rice (Rm 18.90) with spicy fried rice, Balinese satay, Fried egg, sambal oelek and prawn crackers.


Chicken & Mushroom Pie (RM 21.90). The mild green curry chicken and mushroom pie with cheddar cheese and puff pastry, grilled asparagus, confit of shitake and tomatoes. It was supposed to come with ‘grilled asparagus’ but they changed it to green beans.


This was okay in the fusion of Thai and Western – a safe choice I can say


Fettuccine Carbonara (RM 24.90) with fresh fettucine, beef bacon, sauteed brown and oyster mushrooms, cream and Parmesan sauce. She said it was like eating the Flour dough.


Singapore Kuay Teow (RM 18.90) – the wok fried flat rice noodles with tiger prawns, cockles, fish cake, bean sprouts and chives. It was just spicy… spicy… spicy… nothing else


Bill Please…
Wait a minute please…


A moment please…
I had nothing to say liaozzz…

We ended up waiting for another 10 minutes for the bill to come…

Staffs were everywhere but we have no idea why the service given was so inattentive.

Another visit??? Perhaps just for their house pours and chilling out.


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Comments (20)

Bad services are not forgivable! No matter how nice the food is..

Bad service? hmmm… will not go try then..

haha i like the way u put it. so funny. will never go bek!

with such service it's better to stay at home.

An interesting way to share your outing.

What, not crowed and have to wait for 40 mins?

So bad ar the service >.< Terrible….

Poor services! not going to try eating there

har..that jia lat ah, some more i was thinking to go there to try out their food as that day i was there drinking..

now..haihz..have to think again liau~

hmm, the food, like that larrr. nothing too special. perhaps, their drinks are great?!

jean, foodbin, uli, carrie, taufulou,

that's based on me and my friends' experience. maybe they will improve or how in future, we dunno 🙂 or maybe that's the way they are or maybe they are really really busy at that time, or maybe each of them are assigned with their own tasks, we dunno too

kakaka 😛

ck lam,

Poor services! not going to try eating there

Haha one shot, that's all I'm willing to give the food here!! So that having failed miserably, yeah, maybe will revisit drinks… if every other drinking joint was full or closed in the vicinity!

bad service. forgettable food. no way we are returning for more.

dont go if they have bad service!

The food actually looks so good but what a pity that the service is not really good.

That's terrible service!

I will ban such restaurant, I hate unnecessary waiting!!!

woah, in that case, customers can just leave without paying, hor? it's their loss, really.

i'm so outdated! i dont even know that there's a zouk bar at the gardens…i need to come back to kl soon! haha.

oh gosh, the service was so so bad???? good write up though, so we will not waste our money

Ooo.. heard a few times about this place but can forget about it now. Hehehe..

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