Shimino Japanese Crepes @ Ikano Power Centre


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Lalala~ I love tea time. Especially when comes to those prettily petite cakes to English scones to French pastries, they are all irresistible!!!


Shimino Japanese Crepes which is originated from Harajuku, Japan is now available in Malaysia. The TV programme above was showing the long queue of Japanese towards the Harajuku crepe.


All flavours available are well displayed


Preparing the crepe.


The lady was fanning the crepe to cool it down.


and finally pop in every ingredients based on the type you ordered.


I had the banana with chocolate ice cream crepe priced at RM 7.90 that comes with a scope of chocolate ice cream, slices of banana and whipped cream and finally rolled into cone shaped crepe.


It was non sweet and ermmm, light. The crepe texture was soft fluffy and you won’t find yourself full after having the whole crepe.

it would be great if they have flavours like this one posted by Cheesie.

Anyhow, i do think we can simply make the crepe like this too at home. ^^ (will soon have a try on doing this at home :))


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Comments (17)

i did wanted to try out this stall too, just that their booth is colorfull and see a few of the buyers buy d then stare .. (looks like not good) then i didnt buy~

i think it's hard to make the crepe if v don't have the special round hot plate 😛

Nice one! Like that it's not sweet.. will try it one day 🙂

kids will like them.

my kids sure love this!

Oh my! This looks so delicious.. I like this kind of dessert so much.. Gonna try it out soon 🙂

Oh I like crepes 🙂 Tried the one at Sg.Wang…very nice! Next time will try this when I drop by at Ikano 🙂

dear… i wanna try!!
wanna try your home made ones when u come out with it. hehe.
Love the one cheesie had la.. so cute looking!

How come i never saw this before=.=
It is newly opened?

lols, i was actually had the attention on the colourful kiosk 🙂

erm, well, i guess not. we can simply use a non stick round pan to make it 🙂


yep, kids will love it.

hehe, they will love it for sure 🙂

hope you will love it 🙂

really, the one in sg wang's nice? okay, i will give a try when i am there again. thanksss

okay, if success, will make for u guys 🙂 crepes!!!

this one quite new i think. and they have another outlet in pavilion soon <3

interesting but you're right, does not look very filling tho!

interesting but you're right, does not look very filling tho!

Didn't try Kik Kok??? :o)

very very light one. and, dun feel there is fats. oppps… forgot about the whipped cream

i spotted that kiosk but din get to have a try on that. next time will do it 🙂

Looks so delicious! Have you tried the kik kok at ikano? The crispy version? I like that too.
I'm going to try this, this weekend or whenever I drop by Ikano. Looks very tempting..

Yes. I want strawberry short cake crepe.

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