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Do you believe that i had a ONE DAY TRIP in PENANG???

Teheee, yep, I had A DAY TRIP to PENANG!!! and Thanks to Kampungboy for offering his place to me. I got a chance to travel with Citygal by Plane. and Yay, we were to PENANG for FOOD!!!



My Boarding Pass


Cool, isn’t it??? We checked-in by phone. I can even use this super ‘old’ mobile phone to check in. and best of all; it is handy and environmental-friendly.



With the great hospitality from MAS, we had light refreshment on plane – a cuppa of juice and packets of peanuts.


By noon, we reached the Penang International Airport; our Tour guide was standing there, greeted and waved to us.

Shall we let the food journey to begin???

Hot Spot 1 # Nasi Kandar Line Clear @ Penang Road

This is a very popular nasi kandar place in Penang.


Just look at the queue, it was extremely long. We then joined the line for our plates of Nasi Kandar.





Me and Citygal shared a plate of Nasi Kandar came with lady fingers, mutton, curry chicken and rice that loaded with kuah. We love the rice with the fragrant curry.

Hot Spot 2 # Famous Teochew Cendol @ Penang Road

You can get a bowl of rich coconut loaded cendol at Penang road. THis is best during the hot scotching day.




Priced at RM 1.70 per bowl comes with lots of fragrant pandan cendol, red bean, coconut molk and shaved ice with gula melaka. Slurrrrrrpp

Hot Spot 3 # Banana Fritters (Pisang Goreng)

this was something not to be missed. This stall is located next to the stall selling cendol.


Hot Spot 4 # Joez Coconut – The Famous Penang Coconut Jelly

We were glad to have CK Lam around (Penang famous foodie). She took us for the famous penang coconut jelly



Coconut Jelly that can quench your thirst at this hot and warm weather.

CK Lam did a very good review on their coconut jelly. Do view her post here.


Me and Citygal with the Jelly. We both heart this wobbly jelly a lot πŸ™‚

Hot Spot 5 # Shopping for souvenirs

We had a chance to get some souvenirs from erm….. sorry, i have forgotten the name of this place.



Tambun Piah was good but i prefer the one from Him Heang to this.

Hot Spot 6 # Pasembur @ Padang Kota

A place with all stalls selling Pasembur. You will be shocked with the ‘Pasembur-Heaven’ here.





Rachel mixed a plate of Pasembur for us to be shared.

Besides that, Padang Kota is a great place for camwhoring too πŸ™‚

Many Many THANKS to Wilson & Rachel for the ride to the airport early in the morning ^^


US πŸ™‚

The trip was short but an enjoyable one. We had to be at Penang airport by 4 in the afternoon. We then checked-in again using the through our mobile phone. Thanks to MAS for such a lovely and meaningful day trip to Penang and the wonderful first hand experience on


THANKSSS, *winksss*

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Comments (22)

O_o so much food in a half a day? :p

i love the coconut jelly thing too! eaten in a restaurant before and it was awsome!

So nice! Now you got me craving Penang cendol… *hungry*

Wonder if u know this blogger from Penang :

wor, so nice, free food and free flight.

yeahhh, half day so many stops right??? we were stuffed from one place to another @@

and the coconut jelly was really good and refreshing πŸ™‚

penang cendol is really good and rich with coconut milk. slurppp πŸ˜›

somewhere in singapore,
hihi, welcome to my blog.
hmmm, i am sorry that i dunno him ooo ><


Glad to have the chance to meet up with you gals in Penang and happy to see all of you enjoying the food.

Thank you for the link, ai wei πŸ™‚

Mas blogger ? What is that

ck lam,
oOoooops, πŸ˜› i was actually a little lazy to write. shhhhhhhh…

ermmm, MAS bloggers lor πŸ™‚

Hi.. SO nice your guys able to Gang up and travel to another state to makan. ENjoy!!

Penang food is superb indeed!

Sigh. I was in HK. T_T

wish i was there with you girls. remembered you all so bad.. tempt me via 3G! hmmph ;P

i love that dessert! nothing beats a good one i tell ya. 1st time i tried it was in KK, Sabah:)

i love that dessert! nothing beats a good one i tell ya. 1st time i tried it was in KK, Sabah:)

I wish I can have such chance too…

Ah I love the cendol at Penang road! And I'm with you on Him Heang tambun biscuit is the BEST! πŸ™‚

Wah lau eh …. kena a feast trip to Penang ….. truly a memorable one ….

i miss the coconut jelly

nice meeting you in Penang! hehe

agree agree! penang is a food paradise!!!

simon seow,
aiksss, nevermind, i am sure there are more in the future.

we dun wan deee… but we wanna share good stuff with you guys. hehe. but horrr, recently you guys just tempt me via 3G lorrr. so baddd!!!

cumi & ciki,

am sure there are chances

agree agree!!! hehehe, penang road cendol the best and also Him Heang πŸ™‚

yeppp, a truly memorable trip πŸ™‚

dear, i miss that a lot tooo. coconut jelly!!! yum

ewin ee,
it's really really nice to meet you πŸ™‚ hope there are more upcoming outings like this near future πŸ˜›

I thought only can use Iphone to do mobile check in…
By the way, which country you are from? I saw you hire a tour guide in penang….

hi Xueen,
emmm, not only iphone i guess. most of the smart phone has this function πŸ™‚
i m from KL, Malaysia ah. this was a trip organized by MAS. and there they hired a tour guide for the trip ^^

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