Chicken House @ Solaris Mont Kiara, KL

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Fried chicken. Beer. Cheon Song Yi (the main character in the popular K-drama My Love from The Star)


Yeahhh, this was last week’s story. A small gathering with the BFFs. And we had it in Cheon Song Yi’s style, except we substituted the beer with something else.



Chicken House

Located in the happening Solaris Mont Kiara area, just a few steps away from Sae Ma Eul BBQ. This is the Korean restaurant that serves lip-smacking Korean fried chicken (yangnyeom chicken) tossed in yummy sauce such as sweet chili sauce, spicy chili, soy sauce with garlic and Ganggeong sauce (sweet but extra crunchy). Korean fried chicken is different from the other usual fried chicken. The chicken is often small than the usual one. They are fried twice which gives the crunchy and crispy texture and less greasy at the same time. Order the whole chicken in one flavour or have it made in different sauces (half-half), it is very addictive, I warn you; and I am gonna revisit for more. If fried chicken is not your thing, there are always other dishes like military stew, galbi or pork stew.


Complementary Banchan


Fried Chicken in Soy Sauce with Garlic (Rm 32 – half)
My favourite goes to this (out of 2 flavours I have tried on). The chicken was lightly battered and deep fried into perfection; crispy on the outside and very juicy on the inside. The sweet-savoury garlicky soy sauce that coated on the deep fried chicken was not overpowering but fragrant and yummy. Must have if you are here! Pickled radish is served along with the fried chicken.



Fried Chicken in Sweet Chili Sauce (Rm 27 – half)
Layered with glossy and shinny sweet chili sauce; it was sweet and juicy, no tiny hint of hot flavour available but it was fingers-licking good. Will check out their spicy chili version next time!



Seafood Pancake (Rm 30)
Thin crust korean pancake came loaded with seafood and spring onions and pan-fried into perfection. A yummy order that works as tummy filler.


Pineapples Ricewine (Rm 35)
Must not miss this out… Korean ricewine (Makgeolli) that comes with a variety of fruity flavour! We opted for the pineapple flavour where there were chunks of sweet pineapples added into the ricewine. Milky, sweet and sourish. An easy to go drink. Of course, this is always the fried chicken best companion.


With the BFFs

Oh yaaa, they do delivery too! You can always call up when you are craving for fried chicken and beef/ricewine/shoju or you are craving for the scene of Cheong Song Yi with beer and fried chicken on the miserable or depressing nights.

Chicken House 치킨하우스
Jalan Solaris 4,
Solaris Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 – 6211 5928

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    • no ahhh, other parts are being used in Korean fried chicken one. this one is that they use whole chicken, so all parts are used including the neck! if only chicken wings or dummets, that would be the kyochon bahhh

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