Three Little Birds Coffee @ D7, Sentul East

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*Chirp chirp chirp*
Wakey wakey, let’s go have a cup of coffee!



Ahhh, post CNY holiday blue syndrome. Anyone still get to be in bed and hasn’t hoi gong yet??? I wish I am still in bed now. Sigh… used to have 10 days break last year, but not this year; this is driving my hormone imbalance!!!


A new face has popped up in D7 Sentul East.


This place is filled with greens…


And wood as well.


Three Little Birds

Manned by the team behind the Artisan Roast and the pop-up café Nowhereman Coffee, they have now expanded into Sentul, with another cute name called Three Little Birds. In this new outlet, they offer hot brews and their signature pastries such as cheesecake and small slices from Artisan Roast as well as some cakes from home bakers. Other than that, Tommy le Baker’s sandwiches are available here too.


White Coffee (Rm 11)


Dark Mocha (Rm 13)


Signature Cheesecake (Rm 11)


Croissant (Rm 7)

Always love the BFF around, chatted from north to south, east to west. And best of all, she brings me coffee everywhere. Hehe


Aside from coffee, do check out the peaceful greens and scenery that surrounded this café.

Three Little Birds Coffee
D7, Jalan Sentul,
Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 9am to 7pm daily

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