Cooling Cendol @ Haji Shariff’s Cendol, Seremban

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Thirst quencher on the hot and humid days


If you have extra time to slot in when you are here in Seremban or you find Seremban’s malls are too bored to drop by, look for this building that painted in green. It could be a place for you to pop around and chill out.


Very serious

Haji Shariff’s Cendol is here since 1930’s; used to serve bowls of cendol from the cendol cart and it is now expanded into shop.


Very very serious in preparing bowls of cendol


Cendol Jagung (Rm 1.70)
A classic bowl of cendol; loaded with pandan flavoured green cendol, rich coconut milk and gula Melaka and I had mine added with sweet corn. I wouldn’t say it’s the best cendol I have had but probably a great one around Seremban area. It was not overly sweet, just right as a thirst quencher on the day.

If you don’t fancy sweet corn, you could always opt for cendol kacang – red beans, cendol pulut – added with glutinous rice, cendol bandung – with rose syrup and evaporated milk, go greedy with cendol campur – with a bit of everything added in or just plain normal cendol.


Aside from cendol, they serve rojak too. Brimmed with lots of ingredients such as hardboiled egg, fried bean curd, fried dough fritters, bean sprouts, shredded cucumber and sengkuang and finally drenched with sweet and thick spicy peanut sauce. Ask for mee rojak where yellow noodles will be added as tummy filler.


Fancy one now?

Haji Shariff’s Cendol
No. 44, Jalan Yam Tuan,
70000 Seremban.
Tel: 016 – 612 8505

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