Food Crawl: Balakong

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5 Friends, 2 Hours, 3 Stops, RM 10 per pax ONLY… and BURRRRPSSSSS…

It was a moody Saturday; I was afraid it will rain at night and affect our food crawl session. There was nothing for Plan B and brain storming last minute just won’t work. Luckily, lucks were on our sides. No rain no rain no rain… πŸ™‚

1# Porridge

DSC_0623 o

A story of 26-year-old-porridge


Is created by this lady, who has been working and selling this porridge for over 26 years.


My bowl of porridge with shredded chicken; loaded with lots of shredded chicken and a raw egg added to give the extra smoothness to the porridge.

2# Satay Rosley a.k.a Satay Balakong


“You’ll fall in love with the succulent taste of this satay. Go find Satay Rosley today!”
Quoted from Brought Up 2 Share.

and Yessss, I have fallen in love with their satay



No pleasant exterior, not much tables and chairs for the patrons. However, the line was long. Most people order and take away their satay.


Satay Ayam (chicken) – Priced at RM 0.70 per stick. The best satay i have had so far; far better tahn the one from Kajang. The meat was succulent and tender; the proportion of fats was just right. with slightly burnt edges, it gave the satay an extra ohmmm…


Fancy some?! Do visit here.

Sate Rosley
Batu 11, Cheras
Tel: 019-6130550 / 0133675911
(they offer catering service too – minimum 1000 sticks)
close on every Fridays

3# Tong Shui @ Near Kwong Ming Badminton Court


A self service desserts’ stall, selling a variety of snacks and desserts – from economic fried bee hoon/ noodles to kuih muih to fried carrot cake to yau char guai


food crawl

food crawl2





It was only about RM 10 for whole table of goodness πŸ™‚ you gotta love the taste and the price here

food crawl3

Makan Kaki-s

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33 thoughts on “Food Crawl: Balakong”

  • philippecr,
    you can always create and plan one for us πŸ™‚ then we go. kekeke. can ask eldred they all too. cz they love makan πŸ™‚

    yesss, super fat and juicy one πŸ™‚


    adam roslan,

    hmmm, maybe plan a one day trip to cheras?! lolz, guess you can make a lot of stops

  • wah… the porridge looks tasty~ and the satay too πŸ™‚ i din eat satay for so long time edi 😑

    Nice post πŸ˜€

  • somewhere in singapore,
    time to have it lorrr πŸ™‚

    thanks, and it's time to have a juicy stick πŸ™‚

    πŸ™‚ it's good too!

    haha, ask ask chris for the direction πŸ™‚ lots of yummies to be discovered πŸ™‚

    PJ … i am not familiar with that area. seldom drop by :((((

    opppssss, you spotted. pai seh lar. i am still learning to function it ><

  • omgosh… nice nice… are they all near each other? or need to drive from place to place?

  • nice meeting you that day too πŸ™‚ yes, after so long :p
    wow, RM10 crawl that beat many expensive ones hands down..good one.

  • A moody Saturday well spent! I am going to insist on breaking an egg into my next pei tan chuk!

  • Nice! Guess all the outskirts places sure beats the fancy outlets! Hmm whrs balakong again?? LOL.

  • small boar,
    the porridge and satay are nearby to each other. just a walking distance. whereas for the tong shui, it just need a 3 mins drive. very nearby too.

    yeeeep, these street food are always good and cheap. love their price. πŸ™‚

    next time can try adding in a raw egg to porridge d πŸ™‚

    bangsar babe,
    yes, the porridge is great. a must to try over there

  • BB_hwiyee,
    the satay is great. if you find the one in kajang is good, then this one will be the best πŸ™‚

    yeahhh, can try adding in the egg to a hot bowl of porridge at home d :)))

    hahaha, well, balakong is at batu 11 there… ermm, opposite sg long that area πŸ™‚

  • hi shuen,
    do you know how to get to kwong ming badminton there??? or any particular location you know bout balakong?

  • i know jusco & mines shopping mall only ^-^. Or if u can tell me name of the jalan then i might find it using google map

  • hi shuen,
    try jalan indah 3/6, Batu 11, Cheras.
    zoom into the map and try to spot the dot cheras. it's actually at that white no through road from jalan indah πŸ™‚

    if cannot get it, do let me know again. there is a particular day they are close. but i can't remember when.

  • It seems like just nearby Rosey satay, then i think i know where it is. Thanks for the info!

    May be i should intro u to 'Causeway Bay Spicy Crab' in Desa Hartamas. Their food not bad.. must try if u like crab!

  • anonymous,
    try google map jalan indah 3/6, Batu 11, Cheras.
    and look for jalan besar (in yellow).
    this porridge is located at the corner when you wanna turn into jalan 14 from jalan besar


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