Seremban; the town of Siew Pau

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Some said this is good; some said that is better.
Well, I say, judging which Siew Pau is good is very subjective.
Some love it thinner.
Some love it crunchier
Some love it juicier

As for me, I prefer my Siew Pau to be juicier inside, filled with generous amount of BBQ pork and thinner and crispy on the pastry.


1# Seremban Siew Pau; or also known as the Empayar Siew Pau




Their siew pau meet my requirement the most!


The baked buns were crispy on the outside and within the flaky pastry were generously filled with BBQ pork filling. Juicy, sweet and tender. You would get few biji of green peas here and there too. However, sometimes the siew pau were not up to the expectation (1 to 2 times of 10 times only lar). Generally, they are good all the time.

This brand is almost everywhere in Seremban, but I always get mind from this Warong which is at the Rasah area. Siew Pau with chicken fillings is available too!

2# Kee Mei Siew Pau




Another siew pau brand that is kinda famous among the people. I myself find that the filling was good, filled with juicy BBQ pork fillings. The only gripe was that, the pastry was slightly thicker to my liking.

3# Siew Pow Master; also known as Asia Siew Pau



Many may like this but not me. I find the pastry was very doughy and thick; not my kind of thing. The sweet BBQ fillings were alright but not as fragrance as the others. Well, this is based on personal opinion ya!



Asia Confectionery serves not only siew pau; but also other baked goods too such as egg tarts, butter cake, buns, and coconut tarts and so on.

If you find that there are other good siew pau(s) around, do let me know!


Warong Seremban Siew Pow
1607, Jalan Rasah,
Negeri Sembilan
Tel: 06-764 9360

Kee Mei Siew Pau
1849, Jalan Tok Ungku
70100 Seremban
Tel: 06-633 6219
Business Hour:
Monday – Saturday 7.00 am – 6.30 pm
Sunday 7.00 am – 5.00 pm

Asia Siew Pau
368, Jalan Seng Meng Lee, 70200 Seremban
Tel: 06-7632 409
Business hours: open daily from 6am – 7pm

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11 thoughts on “Seremban; the town of Siew Pau”

  • Empayar Siew Pau is also my 1st favorite… there is just soemthing about the flaky crust and sweet filling that makes me so satisfied… especially when I buy and eat them hot from Empayar… the rest is ok for me only.. 🙂

  • wow….such a nice post, comparison of siew pao. you are right about the Empayar Siew Pau at Rasah. Its certainly nicer than the one near highway. If i’m not mistaken, that’s their 1st outlet before they open others.

  • I love Siew Bao and have even thought about taking a drive to Seremban just for it.

    For someone who’s bad at directions, how do I get to the Empayar Siew Pau at Rasah? =)

    • Hi Ciana, well, if you are entering seremban from port dickson exits, from the traffic light, keep left and go along the road (under the bridge). you will come to the roadabout. take the 9 o’clock turn. it is a bakery shop on the your right, right before the entrance to Kampung Baru Rasah

      hope you are able to find it. if not, you can always ask the locals 🙂

  • Asia Siew Pau is also famous for their “little egg cakes/ kai dan zai” which is really yummy, savory sweet with juz a hint of saltiness, must be eaten hot straight out of d oven!

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