Jade Pot Steamboat Restaurant 一品锅 @ Old Klang Road

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What is best during the rainy day???



It was a raining evening and we thought it would be great to warm our tummies with some hot piping food. Hence, we chose to have steamboat at Jade Pot Steamboat Restaurant 一品锅, Old Klang Road.

This has become their favourite place for steamboat since not long ago and recommended it to us. 


It says: Spent more than RM 50 and above on Dim Sum, you are entitled 20% discount (except Sunday and public holiday) / Spend more than RM50 on steamboat, you’re entitled a 10% discount voucher on your next visit.

Since there were 5 of us, we ordered their set meal for 4 which is priced at RM 89.80+ and asked for the conversion of normal Yee Mee (egg noodles) to the springy Hong Kong Yee Mee at an additional of RM 1.50 charge.


Soup wise, you can choose to have their ABC Soup, Tom Yum, Fish Head with Yam or Shark Bone’s Soup. 

We chose to have their Fish Head and Yam Soup since the Shark Bone’s Soup was not available that evening. The soup was really thick and flavourful and we found that the soup was MSG-less.

The 4 person set came with assortments of fish balls, dumplings, sotong balls, fried dumplings, stuffed tofu, prawns, pork slices, enoki mushrooms, and various types of vegetables.



It may seem quite a little to you but trust me, the portion size was just right after having their eggs and noodles and slurrrp up the whole pot of soup.

jade pot




We too, ordered the additional of this – 8 Platter Treasure (a la carte – RM 22.80).


Remember not to miss out their 4 types of sauces which give the extra ‘ommph’ to your cooked stuff. 

Verdict: I have found my favourite place for steamboat.  
Jade Pot serves fresh and flavourful steamboat ingredients and not those pre-packed or pre-frozen one that can be found in supermarket. Do try out the special meat balls or fish balls with salted egg yolk stuffed inside and also the siew mai that looks cute. You will find surprises on those 🙂


Oh yaaaa, this is a good place for get-together too with a whole table of goodness!~

Jade Pot Steamboat Restaurant 一品锅
No 413, Batu 5,
Jalan Kelang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur.
(opposite Pearl Point Shopping Mall)
Tel: 03-79879918

Desa Sri Hartamas branch:
No. 5, Grd Floor,
Plaza Prismaville,
Jalan 19/70A, 
Desa Sri Hartamas.
Tel: 03-62011918

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2 thoughts on “Jade Pot Steamboat Restaurant 一品锅 @ Old Klang Road”

  • oh, there's one in Sri Hartamas too. Yeah. Quite near my place kekeke. They way they place the raw dishes is like eating high tea lol.

  • simon,
    yaaa, another outlet at sri hartamas that dun serve dim sum now, right?
    lol, it was like having high tea with all raw dishes. haha

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