Mbuji Cafe @ Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara

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Dear Coffee Lovers,

I found you guys a place for cuppa of fine graded coffee at a reasonable price. 


Mbuji Cafe is its name. 
A very comfy coffee shop situated in Sunway Giza Shopping Mall, Kota Damansara


Mbuji, a very special name it is. Pronounced as “Boo-ji”.
Derived from a rock in Tanzania; A natural monument to the natives where the natives would worship and share their offerings to this stone. 

It is sad to hear that the coffee growers/ natives at Tanzania have an average life span of about 35 years. Why??? That’s because of malaria… and this place is flooded by poverty 🙁


and so, Mbuji Cafe gets their coffee bean supplies straight from the natives in Tanzania, guaranteeing a direct trading (no middle man in between) and the sales to are directed to the coffee growers. and the money from the coffee helps the local natives in many way – food, education, medication, daily needs and other utilities.



Thanks to Mbuji for the invitation. The variety of coffee bean has impressed me; they offer different grades of coffee beans with the strong aroma from all over the world. you may find Colombia, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Mbuji, Tanzania…. just choose the coffee bean you love and allow them to prepare your favourite cups of coffee beverages (eg: latte, mocha, cappuccino…)

The best thing is, Mbuji offers coffee cocktails too!


Bittersweet Love (RM 14.90) in tiers combination with blend of orange and chocolate; a special coffee beverage that gives you a bitter sweet taste.


Hazelnut Dream (RM 14.90) – a blend of hazelnut coffee and froth sprinkled with roasted hazelnuts.


Tantalizing Chocolate Mint (RM 14.90) – Blend of chocolate mind coffee and milk garnished with chocolate mint and mint leaves.




Short Macchiato (RM 6.90) – a shot of coffee cream and a dash of milk to soften the zest of the coffee.


For you who are not into coffee, African Spiced (RM 9.50) is something for you. It is the traditional tea spiced with cinnamon and clove.

Not just coffee beverages, Mbuji has some special from the ‘eat’-menu too


Quesadillas (RM 13.90) – grilled chicken filling with cheese in tortilla served with their special sour cream.


Pasta Creamy (RM 14.60) – cheesilicious spaghetti topped with chicken strips in creamy heared sauce.


Pasta Prawn Olio (RM 18.20) – spaghetti aglio olio with prawns sauteed in olive oil.


Fish and chips (RM 17.80) – fish steak dipped in batter


Spicy Chicken Wings (RM 13.60) – Fried chicken wings coated in special spicy sauce. You will love more of these.


Desserts to go well with the coffee.


Cookies that go best with your cuppa too 🙂



Mbuji’s loves and cares towards the community have wowed me.

and so, when you order a cup of coffee at Mbuji, you are actually constributing to the Tanzania community. Let’s give a helping hand and send your loves to them

Mbuji Cafe
Lot 15, Blok B,
Sunway Giza,
Kota Damansara,
41780 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-61481267
Fax: 03-61481297
email: askmbuji@gmail.com

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