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Sweet, lovely, and homely. So, where it is???
I was here for food. Yes……. Food for Skin!


I was here at My Beauty Cottage, waiting to be pampered with a session of professional facial treatment. Thanks to Grace and Cindy for having me over. It was a joyous time having my facial treatment and massage over here. Both of them have made me feel like a princess once i stepped inside here!!!


my beauty cottage

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The Eminence Skincare products are made of
Organic fruits & vegetables
Organic Plant Oils
Organic Preservatives
No Parabens
No Mineral oil & Petroleum
No Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)
No Chemical Foam Agent
No Artificial Colors or fragrances
No Heating or Hydrogenating processes
the packaging is 100% recyclable


After the skin diagnosis, I was recommended to try out their ‘Citrus-C’ Refreshing Treatment.


and also additional of Paprika Herbal Treatment, Garlic & Tomato Masque, and Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment.


Into the beauty room and getting ready for the facial.




My foot bath in soothing luke warm water.


My therapist of the day, Cindy started the treatment by washing and then exfoliating my face. The products she used on me were light but fruity with the scent from citrus/ orange and lime. She then toned and applied a layer of pear and poppy seed and then also Paprika Herbal Treatment on my whole face in order to stimulate cellular repair & circulation and detoxification. Besides that, the usage of paprika can help to purify your skin and helps to open up the pores for extraction.


My face was wrapped up before extraction so that the paprika herbal treatment works well.


After the extraction, the next step would be facial massage and masques. I love the massage souffle used for the facial massage. The whole atmosphere was intense and scented with fresh prear and green apple. It was as though you were having real fruits in front of you and ready to be eaten. But all these are food for the skin, not for stomach. And then the grape fruit masque that was sooooo fresh that I couldn’t help to snuffle and inhale the freshness from the grape fruits. Besides that, I had the Garlic & Tomato Masque on my chin area to heal and work as anti blemish agent.


carry on with shoulder massage with massage oil.

and finally my face was applied with serum and moisturizer and sunblock and touch of Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment on my acne area before a go.


You will find that the whole treatment session in My Beauty Cottage does not use hot steamer or any other machine. Cindy explained that the usage of hot steamer machine will increase dryness and open up pores and could hardly shrink the pores back. She learned the Hungarian massage and practiced it in her beauty cottage. It is very environmental friendly with their fully hand based massage. The massage can improve the skin elasticity and skin texture as well.

The whole session is fully based on organic skincare products and the Hungarian style massage to facilitate and increase the absorption of the products into the skin.


This is what My Beauty Cottage practices; the used of 100% wholly handmade organic skincare products, hand based massaged and everything are environmental friendly.

so Here is a place you find the food for your skin.

Good News to the First Trial Customers, from July onwards,
Purchase ONE facial treatment and you will get another ONE facial treatment for FREE
Purchase ONE body treatment and you will get another ONE body treatment for FREE.
Purchase both facial and body treatment, you will get another set for FREE.
(meaning BUY ONE FREE ONE larrrr).
Exclusively for First Trial Customers.


Why wait??? Pamper yourself with a professional Hungarian Facial Treatment and Let My Beauty Cottage takes you home and make you a prince or princess. 🙂

My Beauty Cottage
K-1-3, SohoKL @ Solaris Mon’t Kiara,
No. 2, Jalan Solaris,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
(same floor as Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant)

Mobile: 010-2630322
Tel/Fax: 03-62049322
Operating Hours:
Mon – Sat: 11am – 8pm
Sun: 11am – 7pm

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15 thoughts on “Food for Skin @ My Beauty Cottage, SohoKL”

  • the interior in this shop is well-decorated 🙂 Wa.. Summore it has a buy one free one promotion for the first trial customer~ it worth a try at there 🙂

  • now i feel so tempted..i checked their website, one treatment rm338? thts kinda ouch! altho its buy 1 free 1 😛

  • WyYv,
    yes, this place is prettily decorated in very english cottage. it's really worth a try there. and you will feel the real differences between here and the other beauty places.

    but it's really a worth for trying it. the treatments they offer have super big difference with the other beauty houses. although it's so ouch, try it and you will know. 🙂

  • Look at the variety and volume of the organic skin care products they put on your face…it's totally worth it!

  • luxury pamper which no girls can resist!!! I love organic products!!!but too bad, not in Ipoh haha

  • cindy lim,
    yes true! the amount and volume of the products used are very worthy! love the pampering session as it filled with fruity and herbal aroma. yum

    then you must buy ur wife a pampering session lar. 🙂 surprise her with something special like this my beauty cottage's facial or body treatment ^^

    aiksss, maybe when you are coming or traveling to kl? it opens everyday from 11 to 8 🙂

  • cute place dear! 🙂
    i wanna be pampered so badly.. i feel i'm all worn out these days. sigh… wrinkles all coming out dy!!!

  • Lol, I didn't know second part was out already. Anyway, really nice and cozy place. Haha, no wonder you liked it so much. Did you fall asleep during facial? Haha, next time I also wanna go! ^^

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