House of Tang 唐人轩 @ One Bangsar

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After the days with bland notes,

The weeks with tasteless tutorials works,

The month with awful books.

Finally, i get to zing up my numb taste buds with scrumptious food with a bunch of food lovers – Chris&Christine, Jason and Simon and three other friends.



We were here, a chinese restaurant that is located at One Bangsar – House of Tang to savour a dinner together.


House of Tang emphasizes on home-cooked style goodness and practices the MSG-free motto. The food prepared is MSG-less and every ingredients are carefully selected so that every dish made will remain its freshness, delicious and healthy.

house of tang2

house of tang1


house of tang-1


We had the Unagi Puff as out appetizer – a fusion of Japanese and Chinese in dim sum.


The outer pastry was puffy while the inner Unagi was soft and fragrant.


Braised Seafood in Scallop and Shark’s Fin Soup 瑶柱海味烩鱼翅

with lots of dried scallop and shark’s fin layered underneath. The broth was light and fresh with the aroma from mushrooms as well.



Assam ‘Tom Yam’ Garoupa Fish 亚参冬炎石斑鱼.


It would be great if they increase the sourish level for this.


Braised Pig Trotter 红烧元蹄

The glossy piggy skin lined a thick layer of collagen underneath; the meaty portion was succulent and was neither too skinny nor too fatty.



Stir Fried Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables 咸菜炒猪肚 has my vote. It was flavourful as the pork belly were braised beforehand and the it was super QQ.


Shen Jiang Homemade Bean Curd 申江自制豆腐


Smooth, silky and soft tofu.


Pigweed Simmered with Whitebait and Wolfberry 银鱼纪子灼苋菜 – a good stuff for eyes as wolfberries were added in



Fried Yee Mee wiwth Diced Prawns 虾茸干烧伊面.


Last but not least, Herbal Jelly with Water Chestnut and Ginseng Roots 参须龟苓膏炖马蹄 was intense and concentrated with ginseng roots.


House of Tang serves very homely taste goodness. In Conjunction with parent’s day/months, they are now having the sets of Joyous Dinner:



And Now, you can reserve a table, save a day off for your mum from the kitchen, bring your parents over and celebrate parents’ day with family 🙂

Note: Father’s Day is coming soon 🙂

House of Tang 唐人轩

63B, Jalan Ara,

Bangsar Baru,

59100 Kuala Lumpur。

Tel: 03-22821111

Business Hours:

10.30am – 2.30pm

6.30pm – 10.30pm

Closed on every Tuesdays


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