ShenZhen09 Day 3 Brunch: Dim Sum @ 广食访

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On the third day of my stay, finally get to have dim sum. I have been craving for dim sum since the weeks and the months before coming to Shen Zhen. This dim sum place is quite far away from where housing area I stayed. Sis and I walked for about 30 mins to this restaurant called 广食访。Sorry for no pics on this building as it was raining cat and dog all day. I wasn’t able to capture photos with umbrella and handbags on.

This place was quite a full house even though it was already 12 noon. I learnt that a lot of people travelled from Hong Kong to Shen Zhen during the weekend — to shop, to dine, to Yum Cha and even buying vege and stuff from the market! Sis said it is super convenient for them to travel up by the metro — pass border, buy tickets, step into the metro and zooooom. And reach within 30 mins.

Back to 广食访, the service was rather slow and bad. Not enough staff and too many customers I guess. Do hope they will improve.

The Portuguese egg tarts that served were silky smooth in the egg centre and the puff pastry shells were crispy. Oh yum, I had not have such a good Portuguese’s egg tarts. Please don’t mention those from the kings, gonna delete it from my list. Of course, this is still not the best Portuguese egg tarts I had in Shen Zhen. There is another one I wish to intro on my next post which can simply melts ones heart.

糯米鸡 glutinous rice that served piping hot. They were wrapped with the big piece of lotus leaves before sending off to steam. The glutinous rice was real soft and filled with the scent of lotus leaves.

A bowl of hot porridge that warm my tummy in this cold weather. Speaking of weather, the weather was unstable although it was already summer. Cold and rainy all day. Sigh… which was quite inconvenient for sightseeing

Stirred fried Lo Bak Gou in XO sauce which was full with wok hei. Hmmm, I still find the one from canton-i is the best.

韭菜饺 Jiu-Cai-Jiao which is another must-order item. It was actually the dumplings that very much similar to the Japanese Gyoza. Difference: the centre core which was filled up with plentiful of leek and minced meat in Jiu-Cai-Jiao and wrapped up prettily into the shape required.

Last but not least, a plate of vege — the required fibres for body.

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14 thoughts on “ShenZhen09 Day 3 Brunch: Dim Sum @ 广食访”

  • it's high time u fucking post my post on kfc egg tart. without me recommending you that shit, it's like dying a virgin without knowing what other good stuff you had missed out LOL

  • Waaah, good Portuguese egg tart? And even better one in upcoming post? I wanna eat! Got da bao for me? Btw, so many egg tarts that you had in your trip!

    Too bad the weather's unpredictable.

  • I like 韭菜饺 Jiu-Cai-Jiao, the shape look really beautiful, just wonder how they make it in such nice shape, respect them lah.

  • j2kfm,
    really? i have not try the one from dragon-i before. but love the one from canton-i. aiks… craving for it now!!!

    jimmy tham,
    wahahaha, your description is way too serious le. hahaha, your favourite egg tarts are coming soon!

    sugar bean,
    din da bao lar… how to da bao and keep til you back ler? nevermind, next time we go visit this place together! then we can have real much fun and food in china. hehe

    emile zola@life,
    nice hor?! the way they wrap those jiao-zi or gyoza are great! wish i can learn from them someday. 🙂

  • mimi,
    ya, the dumplings are large and juicy. you will never enough for taking only one.

    the egg tarts are great. the egg custard lagi best! but there is another best egg tarts coming up next 🙂


  • la~ I neber lie 1. When I first had it, I said damn there's no such egg tart in malaysia u neber believe me.

    Now we'll wait for the finale of your trip to shenzhen – my fucking tart.

  • jimmy tham,
    hahaha, just be patience. you KFC egg tarts are UP.

    Yummy. love those egg tarts a lot. especially serve at piping hot. miss it a lot!!!

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