ShenZhen09 Day 2 Dinner: 面点王@Book City

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面点王 Mian-Dian-Wang is well-known as Chinese fast food chain in Shen Zhen. It is almost similar to those McD, KFC that appear everywhere; the only difference, 面点王 Mian-Dian-Wang serves Chinese Food rather than those fried and high calories pre-prepared food.

This is the only picture I have for their interior and environment around. I was prohibited from taking photo of their interior and deco. Guess they are a little blogger unfriendly. Here, you have to order straightly from the bar counter (something like self service as well). The chef and cooks will take order from you. There are a variety of dishes from appetizer to porridge to bao to vege to meat to dumplings to…

芝麻拌面 Zhi-Ma-Ban-Mian, Noodles with Sesame Sauce is always my all time favourite. The plentiful of sesame sauce on the noodles. There are 2 types of noodles to choose from — normal or the wheat type. This time, I chose the wheat noodles that appear in brown. Ahhh, it was very jelly-liked and I took some times to chew the mouthful of noodles. I prefer the normal type noodles as it brought out the strong aroma of sesame sauce.

雪菜+木耳 Xue Cai and Black Fungus

金瓜粥 Pumpkin porridge — the soothing one.

酱骨架 Jiang-Gu-Jia. It is actually the stewed pork ribs which have been stewed up to hours. The meat part is juicy, tender and flavourful. You will never want to stop from having them.

Well, it will be a little messy while you are having this. 面点王 is kind enough to provide the gloves.


My previous visit at面点王 years ago.

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13 thoughts on “ShenZhen09 Day 2 Dinner: 面点王@Book City”

  • very interesting alternative to our usual burger chains. and they come with gloves! how thoughtful! 😀

  • looks very interesting there.. LOL =D haha… souled out punya environment food everything best! LOL =D good hang out place for lunch/dinner… if u look at the menu.. hehe.. all the photos i took wan.. LOL

  • nic (khkl),
    ya, and it's much healtier too with wide varitey of chinese food.

    really??! din know u took photos for them. the photos are great!
    as for environment, guess it is much better to dine indoor than the outdoor. outdoor is way too noisy.

    and they are extremely YUMMY! itis so fingers licking good!

  • Wahh…ribs looks good leh..and i saw that KFC in HK also provide plastic gloves! Why can't we have it here too hor?

  • I think Shenzhen's food agrees with me! I've not seen anything you've posted from your trip that I do not feel like immediately devouring yet! 😀

  • They are so kind to provide the glove to customers so that they don't have to wash their hand^^

  • the gloves reminded me of a scene from michael hui's Chicken and Duck Talk, whereby the fast food restaurant also offered gloves for their fried chicken.

  • Haha, Ai Wei, where's your face? Showing your hands again ar? Wahahaha! And pumpkin porridge, sounds healthy and good! I want the pork ribs, got da bao for me? Kekeke!

  • precious pea,
    aiks… ours here… lousy. haha.

    is it? this is not in guangzhou. i saw the Kungfu too. but din get to try. sis never brought me in. maybe not good?! do you try it out?

    550ml jar of faith,
    hehehehe. chinese food is always good and at a wide range of choices

    yeah, i love their service too! somehow the waitress is a little rude.

    oO… where is the michael hui's Chicken and Duck Talk?

    sugar bean,
    can't i show only my hand? kakakaka, face is too ugly to show out. 😛 i was about to da bao back the pork ribs for my family. think of it, it is quite risky to go through the custom at LCCT e. cz it is pork. so, better not…
    wan more, next time i bring you over there. ehehehe

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