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Before I keep continuing grabbing and recalling memories and write about my Langkawi trip (that’s really a tough task for me), I am ‘flying’ back to KL again. KL is really a food hub. You can actually find whatever you wish or to satisfy the sudden craving.

Well, I am sure Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant 蓬莱茶房台湾料理 isn’t new to you guys, right? However, this is still new for me. So, I had WenChing (this place is not new for her) brought me over for a lunch the other day.

We first thought it would not be crowded as it was one of the weekdays. Who knows?! We were required to ‘wait’ for a while as the waiters were tidying up the table for us.

We had the papaya milk juice 木瓜牛奶 (left) and watermelon milk juice 西瓜牛奶 (right) priced at Rm 6.80 each. It was quite refreshing but it will take up the capacity of your stomach as it is made very milky-ly.

My Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce 凉面 is priced at Rm 9.80. It was quite large in serving with shredded chicken breast, shredded cucumber and of course the loadful of sesame sauce on the cold noodles. It was delicious. The noodles were QQ but the sesame sauce was on the sweet side. Anyway, I love the cold noodles a lot.

She then had the Black pepper bean curb set 胡椒豆腐套餐 at Rm 16.80 that came along with the hot piping bean curb (tofu), a bowl of white rice with some flavourful minced meat, a set of side dishes and a soup. It was quite a great deal where you can enjoy a full and hearty lunch.

The bowl of rice with flavourful minced meat. Yum ~

Side dishes


Here ended our full dinner and we had to ‘carry’ our stomach while going on for shopping 😛

Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant
T208, Third Floor,
The Gardens,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: 03-22828699
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21 thoughts on “Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant @ The Gardens”

  • The name is similar to one of my college mate’s name. Fong Lye. But she’s a Malaysian.

  • would probably return for more, but the queue during peak hours (last time) and the slightly overpriced ala carte dishes kinda deter me …

  • Didn’t even notice that they have the sesame cold noodle in their menu. Must try this next time.

  • Cold noodles looks good… But i like hot food 😛
    Chris said wanna bring me here.. yer.. he forgotten. Ok. I remind him again tomorrow 😛

  • 胡椒豆腐套餐?
    This food attract my tension ><
    CAn’t wait to come back and try it. =(

  • I took lots of pics. haven’t blog yet
    I share a set with my friend whenever I eat here after I was stuffed the first time!

  • 0.o besides the tomato ketchup fish, the rest r just so so. tried the beef noodle and red wine fried rice, both are just ok.. mediocre, nothing to shout about. but the hainanese chicken rice is delicious, yet you can get it at a cheaper price outside.

    you can try the crsytal jade or the korean restaurant right next to crystal jade at garden too if you want.

  • jason,
    the side dishes is just for a set, for one person.
    depends on ppl i think, where you can enjoy very much good food outside with the price of these. but the environment here is good!

    new kid on the blog,
    what a coincidence. haha,does ppl mistake her as the boss of this restaurant?!

    not many ar, only 3 and a soup

    yeah… some of the dishes kinda pricey, have to look throughoutly and carefully before ordering!

    you should try it out. the sesame cold noodles was nice but i still like the one i had in china. sobzzz, missing china food a lot

  • christine,
    hahaha, better REMIND him to bring you there!

    oh, do remember to eat more n more before you are leaving to Scotland ya. definately Scot has no such nice chinese n malaysian food! hehehe

    but i deno there is one in desa sri hartamas! gosh >_<
    it’s quite nice. a little like ‘ma po’ tofu. can have a try~

  • wmw,
    fast fast blog! i wanna see what you have had! honestly, i was in the real stuffed with my portion of cold noodles and a big glass of papaya milk!

    jimmy tham,
    yeah, i heard about crystal jade. have yet to try them. and about the korean restaurant you told me, my friend told me it’s quite expansive to dine in there where you can have a lot of food with the same amount of money when dining-in in any korean reastaurant at ampang o hartamas. ^^

    yeah, i tried my friend’s set too! the minced meat went well with the white rice! yum~

  • alexander,
    this is quite a nice place to dine in. but do avoid weekday lunch time as there might be too many office workers and normally would be very crowded…

  • squall,
    Formosa 台湾风味馆??? where is it?! feel like trying. anyway, i feel this from fong lye not bad e

    precious pea,
    AGREE AGREE! that’s already very good alone. simple n delicious!!!

  • Hehe, I had a very nice lunch with you the other day. Love the drinks so much in Fong Lye, but it was really filling! We were so full when we walked out of the restaurant!

    Anyway, I had a great time yesterday night! 🙂

  • sugar bean,
    i always had a great time when having meals with you guys. fong lye was great so does the korean meal the other day! yay!

    looking forward our next outing on coming saturday!~

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