Cheesecake fever~

  • Sumo

Cracking my head to think of something to write but think nothing.
Never mind, let me just write on what me and my best friend, Fang, did on last Sunday.

11 march, 2007
Fang picked me up in the morning and we planned to shop in mid valley today since it has been a long time we never hang out.

~lunch time~

We both though for quite a long time, what to eat ler?!


Fang wanna try out Starbucks’ cheesecake. Since I have never tried before, we just headed to Starbucks. Actually I planned to take up sandwich or something light because I would go for a dinner at Jogoya with my family. Aiks, I ended up with blueberry cheese cake and fang opted for New York cheese cake. The appearances of the cheese cakes were nice and yet they both were pretty delicious. New York cheese cake tasted creamy while the Blueberry cheesecake tasted fresh! However, I don’t really like the base of my blueberry cheesecake cz there were crystals of sugar in it. Every bite, you can hear the ‘crack-crack’ sound from mouth.

Blueberry cheesecake (left) and the New York cheesecake (right)
Looks delicious, right? I can’t wait to try out the others from Starbucks or any others café. Oh no… fats and calories… don’t care about that first! Hehe.
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